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Benedict Cumberbatch: the life of a superhero

1 April 2018

The British actor on wearing a cape, Comic Con and keeping Marvel secrets ahead of the latest blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War

The best thing about being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, well, all of it
The quality of the storytelling, the incredible visuals, working with some wonderfully creative people and, of course, the dedication of the fans.

The worst?
Probably keeping quiet about it all. The secrecy surrounding Marvel movies is well known and something like Avengers: Infinity War has been 10 years coming. There’s been an incredible amount of hard work put into this, so you really don’t want to let any spoilers out.

Doctor Strange has been an amazing experience
The physical work and fight scenes were a first for me – I had never experienced anything on that level. He’s obviously an iconic character, too. I just loved the whole process.

You want to know what Doctor Strange will be doing in Avengers: Infinity War?
I’ll refer you to my secrecy answer.

The cast is stellar
Everybody is great. Obviously, we’re not all on set at the same time, but there is a collective togetherness and desire to make it a great movie.

When I wore the costume for the fist time it was pretty special
That was the penny-drop moment. I was looking in the mirror and felt like a kid at Halloween. Alex, our incredible costume designer, looked at me and said: “You’re having a superhero moment, aren’t you?”

San Diego Comic Con was a real eye-opener
It was just before Doctor Strange was released and there was this long line of people queuing. The event hadn’t started yet, so I asked one of the organisers what they were queuing for and they replied that it was for the following day. It was sweltering heat and these fans were literally prepared to wait in line for days – that was a wow moment. I would love to visit a Comic Con in Dubai one day.

Avengers: Infinity war is in cinemas on April 26

Image: Getty Images