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We’ll launch our new Emirates Business Rewards programme later this year, but we wanted you to be one of the first to know more about how we’re making business travel more rewarding.

There will be no restrictions on how you choose to spend your Points. Use them to pay for any reward flight or upgrade, as long as there are seats available.

Earning Business Rewards Points

Your organisation will still be rewarded every time an employee or guest traveller flies, but with Business Rewards Points instead of Miles. Individual travellers will continue to earn Skywards Miles and Tier Miles on their flight if they’re an Emirates Skywards member.

In the new programme, we’ll credit Points to your account within two weeks of the flight. So you’ll be able to build up your Points balance faster.

Dynamic Reward Flights and Upgrades

We’ve made our rewards much more flexible to fit around your travel plans. You can now spend your Points on any fare type, on any flight, in any class. The number of Points you need for a Dynamic Reward Flight or Upgrade will depend on seat availability and the fare on that day.

Time to choose how to spend your Points

Your Business Rewards Points will now be valid for two years and will expire on the next anniversary of your organisation’s joining date.

For example, if your organisation joined in August 2016 and earned Points in June 2017, your Points would expire on 31 August 2019.

Time to claim missing Points

If you forget to add your Emirates Business Rewards membership number to your booking, you can still claim Points for the flight up to four months after each journey.

Better visibility of your travel patterns

We’ve improved the way you manage your Emirates Business Rewards account. You can manage everything in one place, such as viewing your Points balance, changing upcoming travel, upgrading travel or booking rewards – and all for multiple travellers. And now you can also request reports to get an overview of how many points you’ve earned, how many reward bookings you’ve made and what your top routes are.

If you have existing Miles in your Emirates Business Rewards account

You need to spend your current Business Rewards Miles until 20 August 2016. This also applies to any more Miles you earn between now and 20 August.

On 20 August, we’ll freeze all accounts as we prepare to launch our new programme.

If you still have Miles in your account on this date, we’ll convert your Miles balance into a cash voucher. We’ll email you by 31 August to let you know the value of your voucher, along with details of how you can use it to pay for flights and upgrades on Emirates. You’ll have until 31 July 2017 to use your cash voucher.

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