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Travel to Bahrain

Entry to Bahrain is restricted to specified nationalities and categories of passengers. Please check the requirements before you travel. If you are travelling to Bahrain, you must take a COVID-19 PCR test on arrival.

COVID-19 PCR testing

All passengers must undergo a COVID-19 PCR test (at their own expense) on arrival. Arriving passengers must remain in self-isolation until they receive the result of the COVID-19 PCR test.

Effective 22 February, all passengers arriving in Bahrain are required to take 3 COVID-19 PCR tests at their own expense. The total fees of BHD 36 will cover a test on arrival and two tests to be conducted on the 5th day after arrival. For those staying in Bahrain for more than 10 days, another COVID-19 PCR test will be conducted on the 10th day. Note: there is no requirement for passengers to stay in Bahrain for 10 days and above. No minimum stay restriction applies.

  • Children under six years of age are exempted from COVID-19 test.
  • The payment can be made through the ‘BeAware Bahrain’ App, which is a must to have with the passenger before reaching Bahrain. The links for downloading this app are:
  • Payment can also be made through the eGOVERNMENT website
  • Payment by cash is also accepted upon arrival, however this will cause delays for the passenger.

Travel Eligibility

Entry to Bahrain is restricted to Bahraini citizens, residents, GCC citizens who do not need a visa, passengers eligible to obtain a visa on arrival, passengers with a valid eVisa, diplomats, military personnel, airline crew, or holders of official, service or UN passports.

Visas on arrival are reintroduced for citizens of nationalities that are eligible for it. To check if you are eligible for a visa on arrival or apply for an eVisa, please visit the Bahrain eVisa System.

The following professionals travelling from Saudi with a Saudi Iqama with more than 3 months’ validity and a valid re-entry visa to Saudi will be allowed entry to Bahrain if they intend to travel back to Saudi after completing their 14-day quarantine:

  • Doctors
  • Engineers or architects
  • Managers
  • Auditors
  • IT specialist
  • Accountant
  • Software developer
  • Lawyer

Passengers under this category must have a valid hotel reservation for 14 days and are required to download the BeAware Bahrain app and complete payment.

All other professionals will need to have a pre-arranged visa from Bahrain embassy or apply for an e-visa to enter Bahrain.

All arriving passengers must hold an e-visa, a return ticket and sufficient funds to cover their stay in Bahrain.

Required Forms

All passengers must complete the Bahrain declaration health form before arrival.

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