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Share the spirit of Ramadan

Whether you’re meeting up with loved ones at home or travelling this Ramadan, we wish you peace, health and happiness wherever you are in the world. In the spirit of the Islamic holy month, Emirates employees teamed up with artists with learning disabilities to create a special design for the Ramadan meal boxes we’re offering on board. The creative collaboration is an opportunity to showcase their talent to the world.

Breaking your fast

If you’re fasting for Ramadan, and iftar or suhoor falls during departure or on your flight, we’re offering special services to help you break your fast. At the boarding gate, we’ll have water and dates, and on board we’ll give you one of our Ramadan meal boxes. They’re packed with a nutritious meal and a drink to enjoy on board and take with you when you land.

While you relax on your journey, you can choose our special Ramadan selection on ice inflight entertainment with specific religious programmes throughout the holy month.

Creating art together

Watch the story of how our Ramadan meal box design came together. Emirates employees worked with UAE artists who have learning disabilities (referred to as people of determination in the UAE) to discuss how they wanted to express the meaning of Ramadan in the box design. The artists are from Mawaheb studio, which offers the chance for the artists to develop their life skills and express their talent and creativity through art.

Explore artwork from Mawaheb
Choose your favourite artwork and discover more about the artists. All proceeds from your purchase will help to support Mawaheb studio.

A recipe for Ramadan

Impress the family with your culinary skills this Ramadan and recreate a tasty Emirates dish. You can find our recipes here on or watch our chefs in action on the Emirates Food Channel on your inflight entertainment. If you’re breaking the fast, taking suhoor, or cooking for iftar, why not try our chefs’ recipes for nourishing Arabic soup, spicy prawn machbous, or creamy lamb biryani?

Start cooking

Ramadan around the world

Immerse yourself in the traditions and history of Ramadan around the world.

Learn about the purifying bathing rituals of Indonesia, the parades of drummers in Morocco and Turkey, or the colourful lanterns in Egypt. Now is the perfect time to realise how much our different cultures really have in common.

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