Baggage allowance calculator

Checking your allowance for an upcoming trip

If you already have a ticket, you can log in to Manage Your Booking to check the exact baggage allowance for your trip. Simply enter your last name and booking reference then check your allowance under the ‘Passenger preferences’ tab. If needed, you can then purchase additional baggage allowance too.

Baggage allowances

We offer different baggage allowances based on either the weight concept or the piece concept – depending on your specific route. This is in line with international regulations. For more information on checked baggage policies please visit the checked bags page.

Purchase additional baggage allowance

You can buy additional baggage online in most cases, at check-in desks in local currency, or pay through Emirates offices in advance as per the exchange rate on the day of purchase. For more information on additional baggage and rates please visit Purchase additional baggage allowance.

Baggage FAQs

You can read our dedicated Baggage FAQs to learn more about our baggage allowances, policies, rules and to troubleshoot common issues.

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