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  • His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum
    Chairman and Chief Executive, Emirates Airline & Group
  • Sir Tim Clark
    President, Emirates Airline
  • Adel Ahmad Al Redha
    Chief Operating Officer, Emirates Airline
  • Adnan Kazim
    Chief Commercial Officer, Emirates Airline
  • Michael Doersam
    Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Ali Mubarak Al Soori
    Executive Vice President - Chairman's Office, Facilities/Projects Management and P&L


Our Chairman and Executive Management team define the Emirates Group’s strategic direction and long-term objectives. To support the execution and monitor the achievement of these objectives, our Group’s Governance structure consists of:

  • A defined organisational structure which delineates the roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities of business units across the Group
  • Cross functional management committees to govern and monitor critical strategic, operational, financial, and reputational areas. These include: treasury risk management, acquisitions and capital investment, safety and security, fleet strategy and performance, product development and customer service, environment and sustainability
  • A comprehensive policy framework which defines the activities and authority levels within which employees are authorised to operate
  • Internal processes, procedures and controls to enforce the Group’s policy framework
  • Quality assurance and compliance activities embedded within business units to provide management insights into adherence to policies and procedures
  • An independent Group Internal Audit function to provide assurance to the Chairman and Chief Executive as to the effectiveness of governance, risk management and internal controls across the Group