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Travelling with infants

We're there every step of the way to give you extra comforts on your journey with your children. From baby bassinets and meals to toys and extra baggage allowances, enjoy family-friendly travel with infants on Emirates.

Infant and baby seating
We always aim to seat families together but there are a few things to consider when assigning your seats. If your infant is under two years old you can request for a bassinet or carry them on your lap secured by our special seat belt extension. For children two years old and older, you can bring your own car seat or have them seated beside an adult responsible for them.
Special assistance
Baby bassinets
With our baby bassinets, you can rest easy while your baby sleeps soundly and securely. Request a seat with a bassinet for babies up to two years old when you book online or add one later through Manage a Booking. Just remember that you can't request a bassinet if you have booked a normal seat on child's fare rates. Also note that our bassinets have specific dimensions and are limited in number.
Special assistance
Breastfeeding on board
As per our family-friendly policy, we want mothers to feel as comfortable as possible. You can breastfeed at your seat if you choose, and we’ll provide you with a blanket if you’d like some extra privacy.
Changing baby on board
You’ll find changing tables in the bathrooms so you can comfortably change your baby on board. We’ll also give you an infant kit filled with useful essentials, like nappy cream, bibs and wipes.
Infant and kids’ meals
  • Special kids’ meals
    You can choose a meal from our selection to suit your child’s specific diet requirements. Mention this during your booking or add it at least 24 hours before your flight through Manage a Booking.
  • Baby food
    Babies get special treatment too with a range of yummy baby meals for you to choose from, made specifically for their tiny tummies. Plus, we have milk formula and bottles on board, available on request.
  • Bottle warming
    Choose from our prepared baby meals, or if you’d prefer to bring your own, our cabin crew will help you with food and bottle warming.
  • Baby formula
    Ask for our prepared formula on board. It’s made from whey and has all the essential vitamins and minerals that your baby needs.

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