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Travel to Cape Town


The Silo, Cape Town

30 April 2017

Images: The Silo

It’s a given that when you check out of The Silo hotel, you will be the cleanest you have ever been. Because who could resist the huge bathtub in the sky, strategically placed in front of a riveting mountain view? Not just any mountain, mind, but Table Mountain, the most famous landmark in not just the Mother City but the whole of South Africa.

Magnificent pillowed window panels protrude outwards – a treatment that by day casts prisms of light that flicker like protozoa under a microscope and, by night, transforms the building into a phosphorescent lighthouse on the Waterfront.

The Silo opened in March and is the latest addition to upscale hotel group The Royal Portfolio, with a design full of eclectic pieces and splashes of colour that make the intimate hotel an intriguing blend of luxury meets industrial. Not only is it set to attract tourists from far and wide, it is also a trendsetting spot for locals to view the city from a refreshing new angle. But more than anything, you really should come for the opportunity to experience the bath.