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Before your flights to Bahrain, you’d be wise to brush up on its history. This small country promises big travel experiences.

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Flights to Manama

The smallest of the independent Gulf States, this island nation is a cosmopolitan Middle Eastern destination, making flights to Bahrain highly popular with travellers.

The Portuguese arrived and ruled the Land of Two Seas in 1521, so called thanks to its unique location near freshwater springs hidden under the Gulf Sea’s bed. Ahmad Bin Khalifa’s family took rule in 1783 and has continued to do so, and the country achieved independence in 1971.

Today, Bahrain is home to more than a million residents, including a large number of expats. Manama, Bahrain’s largest city and its capital, is home to 157,000 people. It continues to rely less and less on its limited oil reserves, instead increasing its capacity for trade and tourism. The cityscape has benefitted, too, with a wonderful skyline of glass towers, many of which are home to world-class hotels.

As well as modern marvels, like skyscrapers and even the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix, there are plenty of historical attractions too. These range from the bustling markets in the older parts of Manama to the fascinating Dilmun Burial Mounds.

And if you want to explore beyond the mainland, jump on a boat and head for the tranquil waters of the Hawar Islands off Bahrain’s west coast.

With its world heritage sites packed with ancient forts and grounds, its winding streets of souqs and markets, and, more recently, its exciting nightlife scene, Bahrain is a country that really does offer the most complete getaway.

Dive for pearls

Considered by some to be the birthplace of pearl diving, Bahrain is the perfect place to try the age-old tradition. And thanks to some excellent dive shops, visitors can safely do just that. If you’re fortunate enough to find a pearl during your dive, it’s yours to keep. What better souvenir?

Into The Blue Dive Center
Shaikh Isa Avenue
Block 309
Road 330
Shop 344
+973 37 757 7373

Haggle at the Bab Al Bahrain Souq

Located in the centre of old Manama, the souq is seen as one of Bahrain’s most important retail projects. Heavily influenced by Islamic architecture, its design and atmosphere will transport you back in time and offer you a truly authentic Arabian shopping experience.

Government Avenue
Manama 304

Get lost in Qala'at Al Bahrain

Qala’at Al Bahrain, or Bahrain Fort, is just 10 minutes outside Manama and remains largely untouched. The fort is a Unesco World Heritage Site, and although the site itself is fairly empty, the museum next door displays a host of artefacts that date back to the pre-Islamic era, and extend forward to the modern age. Admission is free.

Qala'at al-Bahrain Site museum
+973 17 298 777

Visit Dilmun Burial Mounds

Many believe that the site of the Dilmun Burial Mounds is the world’s largest prehistoric cemetery, and therefore it’s an absolute must-see for international and local visitors. With more than 10,000 mounds dating between 3,000 BC and AD 600, it’s sure to take your breath away.

A’ali Burial Mounds
Off Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway

See the Tree of Life

This oddity has earned legendary status over the course of its 400-year existence, standing in the centre of the desert with no other life or vegetation for miles. Shrouded in mystery, perched majestically on the empty desert skyline, an estimated 50,000 visitors flock to it every year.

Shajarat Al Hayat
Jabal Al Dukhan
Southern Governorate
3.5km west of Jaww

Experience the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix

Bahrain was the first country in the Middle East to host a Grand Prix and, following the success of Singapore and Abu Dhabi, last year it staged the race at night, bringing a whole new dimension to the experience. This race is unlike anything you will experience on the more traditional European circuits.

Bahrain International Circuit
Gate 255
Gulf of Bahrain Avenue
Umm Jidar
+973 1745 0000

Bushido Restaurant (Japanese)

Bushido is as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. Surrounded by a moat and decorated with Samurai warrior statues, its high ceiling and large windows set the tone for its sophisticated Japanese menu.

52 Avenue 38
Block 428
Seef Area
+973 17 583 555

Curry Country (International)

Take a tour of the finest curry nations on the planet by sampling the cuisine here. With dishes ranging from Vietnam, India and China to Indonesia, Iran and Burma, there’s always a new flavour being introduced to keep diners coming back.

Shabab Avenue
+973 17 537 555

Masso (European)

This European-influenced restaurant, located inside the Palace Boutique Hotel, uses fresh, organic ingredients. Whether you opt for sharing platters or you’re dining for one, Masso’s dishes are ripe with quality and the atmosphere provides you with a fine-dining experience to match any in the city.

The Palace Boutique Hotel
Shaikh Isa Avenue
Road 382
Block 338
+973 17 721 1061

Zoe (International)

Zoe serves international cuisine to the sounds of a resident DJ every night. Diners can sit within the modern and chic design of the main restaurant, and socialise afterwards in the lounge or on the rooftop. It’s popular among expats, so book ahead.

Building 100
Road 3803
Block 338
+973 1771 6400

Veranda Restaurant and Cafe (Middle Eastern)

Those looking for traditional Middle Eastern flavours, decor and design need look no further than Veranda. A true favourite among locals, its superb Arabic breads and dips, topped off with a shisha pipe, make it the ideal way to spend an evening.

Shop 372
Block 327
Shaikh Isa Avenue
+973 17 715 868

Lumee Street Cafe (Middle Eastern)

Inspired by the popular street foods of the Middle East, Lumee – Bahraini slang for lemon and lime – is a deli lover’s dream. Striking yellows and greens in a cafe setting provide a quirky atmosphere, wonderfully in tune with its sharp juices and excellent desserts.

Al Aali Complex
Gate 3
Al Tawaweesh Souq
Road 2825
+973 17 333 747

The K Hotel

Located near Manama’s best nightlife spots, The K Hotel is ideal for young travellers on a budget who are still looking to enjoy luxury and entertainment. The rooftop pool offers views of the Arabian Sea, with spacious rooms decorated in traditional Arabic decor, but with a modern twist.

Road No 2427
+973 1736 0000

The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa

Set on its own private island between the city and Manama Bay, surrounded by fantastic gardens and world-class restaurants, the Ritz-Carlton is the epitome of five-star hospitality. Loungers reach out over the water and secluded villas offer unique views of the Arabian Sea. The spa is particularly stunning.

Building 112
Road 40
Block 428
King Mohammed VI Avenue
Al Seef District
+973 1758 0000

The Domain

This trendy hotel is ideal if you’re a luxury traveller seeking something fashionable and chic. Stunning gold and white furnishings match the state-of-the-art spa facilities and six world-class restaurants, whilst the contemporary rooms and suites offer pure opulence befitting the Gulf. It’s conveniently located in Manama’s business district.

Building 365
Block 317
Road 1705
+973 1600 0000

Gulf Hotel Bahrain

Dubbed Bahrain’s original five-star hotel, the Gulf Hotel Bahrain is a shining example of the subtle elegance that resonates throughout the city’s newer properties. Contemporary, quaint, and surrounded by a beautiful pool complex, guests have plenty of luxury facilities to enjoy. It’s excellent value for money, too.

Road 3801
+973 1771 3000

Al Bander Hotel and Resort

Situated on its own private marina, Al Bander is ideal for watersports enthusiasts, with a wide range of activities. Food lovers can enjoy fresh fish and lobster from the Fishmarket Restaurant located on an open-air terrace. Bahrain International Airport is just 11km away.

Umm Al Saad Venue
+973 17 701 201

Al Areen Palace Hotel & Spa

Located close to the Al Areen Nature Reserve, this beautiful hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway. Its marble floors, high ceilings and Arabian fittings lend a sense of opulence to the place. The five-star spa and pool offer guests a true luxury escape. It’s also just five minutes from Bahrain’s Grand Prix track.

Near Al Areen Wildlife Reserve
Off Gulf of Bahrain Road
Southern Governorate of Bahrain
+973 1784 5000

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