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Baggage information

Find out how much baggage you can take with you as well as what you can bring on board as cabin baggage. If you need a bit more, you can buy extra baggage allowance online. And you can find out how to check in items like sports equipment, musical instruments, or mobility aids.

Check if there are any prohibited items for your destination and read our guide to dangerous goods so there are no surprises at the airport.

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Visa and passport information

Depending on your passport and destination you may need to arrange a visa before you fly. Check whether you need one and how to apply here. You can also see the different types of visa you can get for the UAE and how we can help you with the process.

We’ve also added useful information about US visa rules and airport security checks.

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Travel information

This is where you’ll find information about family travel, booking our Unaccompanied Minors service, as well as all the details of our special meals for dietary requirements.

You’ll also find flying notices, rules and regulations, as well as your customer rights. And before you pack, check if you’re carrying an item that’s not allowed in the UAE as well as how to get approvals for certain medications.

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Health information

Get set for a safe and comfortable journey with tips and health advice on vaccines, medication, travelling during pregnancy, arranging assisted travel and more.

We’ve also offered some reassuring advice on what to do if you feel unwell on board, as well as tips for staying healthy when you arrive like tackling insect bites and beating jet lag. There’s a list of our contact details so you can get in touch with us wherever you are.

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Dubai International

Explore our home airport before you arrive. Learn how to get around and transfer between the different terminals. And have a look inside our hub at Emirates Terminal 3.

If you’re on your way through Dubai, make the most of your experience with a short stay at the Dubai International Hotel. Or add a few days with a Dubai Stopover package. If your connection time is particularly long, you could be entitled to our Dubai Connect service.

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