Lunar New Year

Celebrate the year ahead with us and indulge in traditional eats while you fly.
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Valentine's Day

Celebrate the month of love with us, with themed cuisine and beverages and extra ways to surprise your loved ones.
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Hop into Easter with us. Join in the egg hunt and enjoy Easter sweets across our lounges and on board.
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Fly to more than 150 destinations worldwide and make joshitabi memories to last a lifetime.
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Experience Ramadan with Emirates, enjoy a special iftar meal on board, and learn all about the Holy Month.
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Summer travel

Enjoy fun and breezy travel this summer with Emirates.
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Eid Mubarak

Join in the Eid festivities on board and around the world.
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Say prost with Emirates this Oktoberfest.
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Jingle all the way to your destination this holiday season with festive treats and holiday cheer.
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