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Flights to Guinea

Flights to Guinea introduce you to dramatic shorelines with tranquil vistas.

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Going to Guinea is an unforgettable experience. Forests, waterfalls, elephants, beaches and mountains beckon the adventurous traveller, to say nothing of the pulsing warmth of its capital. When your flight to Guinea touches down in Conakry, the mild bedlam of noise and crowds is invigorating and even a bit addictive.

Conakry is a place where strangers talk to each other, where music is always playing, where people are living life to the fullest. Come here to party on the beach, to get clothes tailor-made at one of the many shops, to chat with the locals over a bowl of fufu or a cold Guiluxe. Conakry is warm, welcoming, energetic and heaps of fun.

A short boat ride from Conakry are the Îles de Los, a group of islands with forests and good beaches that make for a relaxing getaway. Popular with expats, these islands are easy to visit – just ask around and you’ll have a host of people clamouring to take you on their boats.

The beauty of Guinea once you venture outside Conakry is simply astonishing. If you can, take a sturdy vehicle and hit the road, stopping in small villages for meals, pausing to see groups of elephants walk by, and taking in the extraordinary scenery – Fouta Djallon, with its verdant valleys and lush forests, is particularly beautiful.

A Francophone country, Guinea isn’t the easiest place to travel, but the friendliness of the people makes up for any delays – as does the ineffable beauty of the country. Any effort you make will be more than worth it.

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Flights to Conakry introduce you to a fascinating blend of spontaneous moments and enduring charm. The pulsing warmth felt throughout the city is addictive and invigorating – the result of friendly banter, lively music and the locals’ rich appetite for life. See everything of historical importance in a single day, and then spend the rest of your time shopping in the open air markets and dancing the night away on the beach.
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