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Travel to Düsseldorf


A 25-hour bolthole

1 July 2018

Germany’s coolest hotel chain has landed on the Rhein

Adding to locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich, 25 Hours Das Tour brings just what the European hipster hordes need: wacky décor, a florist and coffee shop in reception, and a roof bar with panoramic city views.

Despite being in Düsseldorf, the hotel is French themed, with snails in garlic butter on the menu at The Paris Club Restaurant, and ‘Frenchified’ cocktails at the bar – which sells only French spirits. There are huge photos of Tour de France in reception and cycling accessories on sale at the shop, plus Image Republic prints, art postcards and Izipizi sunglasses.

But there are cheeky German touches too: the four reception desks are designed to look like local band Kraftwerk’s unique stage set up, and there are Kraftwerk posters in the rooms – some of which have baths out on the balcony (Germans are very free and easy about such things). The design was masterminded by Swedes StyltTrampoli. Add lego walls to the setup, and you end up with a hotel perfect for your inner child.

From the concierge: Laura Schwarz, front desk manager

Laura’s Deli
“I’m not just choosing this because of my name, I promise! This is a great little place where the owner, Laura Koer- ver, who used to work in fashion, went to New York and got the idea of creating a New York deli. She’s on TV and has her own cookbook too.”

“Some of Düsseldorf’s main sights are here in the old harbour by the Rhine, where there are now new buildings and lots of interesting architecture and many TV companies based here, like WDR.”

“This is definitely the place to go for all sorts of cool things like boutiques and restaurants. It’s a really nice area. There are lots of pavement cafes, so it’s great for people watching in Düsseldorf.”