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Order your favourite drink on board

Refreshing mocktails for a clear mind

Stay sharp with our selection of non-alcoholic mocktails on board when you fly in First Class and Business Class. Add a little zest to your meal with an Orange Fizz or Apple Spritzer. Or enjoy a special beverage while you sit back to the latest movie.
Discover our mocktails
  • Vitality Boost drinks
    Start your journey in First Class and Business Class with one of our nutrient-rich health drinks.
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  • A cocktail for every occasion
    Let our crew mix you up something special on your next flight in First Class and Business Class. Choose from 18 cocktails made with our selection of premium spirits. Enjoy a light and fresh drink, a sweet cooler, or a warm and cosy beverage to settle in for your flight.
    Discover our cocktails
  • Choose a fine wine to complement your meal
    Whether you prefer a crisp, citrusy white or a full flavoured red, choose a fine wine to complement the flavours of your meal. Explore our wine list, including rare vintages and limited editions, and let us pour you a glass whenever the mood takes you.
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The Dalmore King Alexander III experience

Indulge in one of life’s privileges, The Dalmore King Alexander III – now available exclusively in Emirates First Class. Savour this exquisite single malt on your next flight.
  • For coffee lovers

    Enjoy a freshly brewed coffee in every travel class. Choose from a selection of premium blends in First Class with notes of walnut and maple syrup or cocoa and black pepper. And try Arabic coffee served from a traditional dallah pot with dates. If you prefer your coffee cold, sip a classic iced Americano, or try an affogato al café* from our First Class menu and in our Onboard Lounge.

    *Available on selected routes only

  • Dilmah Teas

    Relax with the soothing taste of Dilmah tea in every travel class.

    Wake up to a cup of Brilliant Breakfast, sip Moroccan Mint after your meal, and enjoy Pure Camomile Flowers before you drift off to sleep. We've got a Dilmah tea for every stage of your journey.

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  • Sip your favourite spirits on board
    Find a favourite or discover something new. Enjoy over 20 spirits on board in First Class and Business Class. Choose from your favourite premium brands including classics like Cointreau, Tesseron Cognac and Amarula Fruit Cream and even some exclusive to Emirates flights. And you can choose from our selection of popular spirits in Economy Class.

Emirates Food & Wine channels

Find out how we source ingredients, design our menus and create our recipes. You can even try our recipes out yourself with our video tutorials. And follow us to Bordeaux to learn how we select just the right wines to match our menus. Find our Food and Wine channels under the Emirates & Dubai section, only on ice inflight entertainment.
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