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How do I use my mobile boarding pass?

Save time at the airport and download your boarding pass to your mobile. Use it just like the paper boarding pass at all points through selected airports.

  1. Check in for your flights online via The Emirates App. You’ll see an option to download your boarding pass to your mobile device.
  2. We’ll send you either an email or SMS. Follow the link in the message to see your mobile boarding pass.
  3. At the airport, connect to the internet and follow the link to show your boarding pass on your mobile. Make sure your boarding pass is on your screen when you get to security and your boarding gate.

You can also use the screenshot feature to save a copy of your mobile boarding pass. The image can be scanned at the airport as normal at any stage of your journey, without an active internet connection.

If you’re using an iPhone iOS6 or later versions, and you check in through our mobile app, you can store your boarding pass on your mobile to use without an internet connection. Choose the delivery option ‘Save to device’ and use the Wallet app to access your boarding pass to scan at the airport.