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An extra special treat

Known for its distinctive covering of edible silver foil, the mixed nut tribooj takes centre stage on many Indian celebrations. This rich treat is made with milk and spices, with delicate-flavoured nuts like cashews and pistachios to enhance its flavour. Find this classic sweet on selected flights this Diwali in First Class and Business Class.

The sweet taste of happiness

The laddu is among the most enjoyed Indian sweets, often used in Bollywood movies, and is served on every happy occasion. Feel the joy in every bite of our motichoor laddu served with your hot meals on selected flights this Diwali.

You’ll also find the motichoor laddu and other seasonal treats, including barfi, dal kachori and nankhatai, at our lounges in Dubai and Cape Town from 23 to 28 October.

Get into the festive spirit

Listen to classic tunes or choose from over 200 regional movies, including the latest Bollywood hits. You can even create your festive playlist ahead and set the mood for your flight.

See what's on ice

Diwali or Deepavali? What’s in a name?

Deepavali is a Sanskrit portmanteau of dipa, which means lights, and vali, meaning numerous. It’s no wonder that a row of lit clay lamps called diya has become a symbol of this beloved five day festival that celebrates the victory of light over darkness. In many parts of India, particularly the south, the festival is still known by this name. But whether you greet anyone a happy Deepavali or Diwali, you’re sure to light up their day.

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