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Why were my bags inspected in Dubai?

For your safety, the General Department of Airport Security is required to inspect all checked baggage. During the screening process, some bags may be opened for further inspection.

To minimise baggage delays and inconvenience to passengers, Dubai International airport, the Dubai Airport Police and Emirates are implementing a new bag check process in which you no longer need to be present for the open-bag inspection. Instead, the Dubai Airport Police will open and inspect the bags in the presence of an Emirates representative.

Should these additional inspections be required, your bag(s) will be opened and the contents searched for prohibited items only. Any prohibited item found in checked baggage will be confiscated. Please visit our Dangerous Goods page for a full list of prohibited items.

When the inspection process is complete, the contents are returned to your bag along with a letter from Dubai International airport explaining the reason the bag was opened. In some situations, customers may be requested to attend the bag inspection in person. For more information, please visit the Dubai International airport website.