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Why book a Dubai Stopover?

Dubai has firmly established itself as a renowned and much sought-after destination, home to the tallest building in the world and boasting some of the world’s most incredible entertainment and luxury experiences. And it’s only getting better.

Promising experiences and sights for every taste and visitor, Dubai and the Emirates hold a unique space on the map where traditions, culture, and innovation all meet in an eclectic and captivating melting pot of diversity. You’re guaranteed to experience the magic of it all, no matter how short your stay or stopover – from the moment you step off the plane, Dubai is ready to welcome you.

Book and customise your unique Dubai stopover

We’ve made it easier than ever to make the most out of your Dubai stopover. Plan and book your trip with Dubai Experience, and benefit from exclusive benefits including 10% discount on new flight bookings, 24-hour hotel check in, and flexible cancellation. You can also add an existing flight booking.

Choose from 100s of activities, tours, restaurants, and hotels in the city, and add them to your own unique interactive itinerary planner. From fine dining experiences and dream hotel stays, to visiting the biggest mall in the world and catching views from the tallest building on earth, let’s make your stopover a standout memory of your trip.

Experience Dubai on a stopover

Take a short break from the journey when you connect through Dubai and experience the best of our home city. It’s easy with a Dubai Stopover package.

We’ll organise your choice of hotel and your transfers. You can add tours and experiences to your package at exclusive rates, including theme parks, desert safaris, dinner cruises and more. Or simply pause your journey to laze by a pool or on one of the pristine beaches.

How to book your Dubai Stopover

You can arrange your whole trip with your travel agent. Or you can book your flights yourself, remembering to include a few extra days in your itinerary for your stay in Dubai to avoid any extra fees for changing your flights later.

Once you’ve booked your flights, book your stopover package with your travel agent or the Emirates office nearest to you up to 48 hours before departure. Or you can visit our Hotels & Visas desk when you arrive at Emirates Terminal 3 in Dubai.