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Chat with Emirates

Connecting with customers is part of our promise to help you Fly Better. 

Your chat session will start below and one of our Emirates Virtual Assistants will answer straight away.

We’re here to help

At Emirates, we want every part of your experience to be the very best. That includes helping you with your travel plans. 

One of the quickest ways you can get support is by starting a chat with our Virtual Assistants. You can ask them questions and they’ll guide you to the information you need, with the same friendly service you’d expect from our real team.

How to start a chat with a Virtual Assistant

Your invitation to start a chat will pop up automatically on this page or you can look for the chat window in the bottom right of the page. 

If the chat doesn’t appear after a few minutes, it could be because we’re really busy with a high number of customers and we’re sorry if that happens. It may be better to call us, particularly if you’re travelling soon.

Tell us your name and enter your email address. We’ll only use it to send you a copy of the chat once you’ve finished.

  • How it works

    Once you start a chat session, simply type in your question or choose one of the options that appear in the Virtual Assistant’s response.

    They’ll guide you to the information you need, whether it’s about a flight you’ve booked or a link to a page on our website. 

    If there’s something our Virtual Assistants can’t help you with, they’ll offer to connect you with one of our real Live Chat consultants. At peak times when it’s busy, the chat will show you how long you may have to wait before we can help you.

  • What our Virtual Assistants can do

    Our Virtual assistants can help you with questions about changing a booking, what’s on your flight like menus and entertainment, they can check a flight status, tell you where we fly, and help you to find your way around our website. They can also show you the latest COVID-19 travel requirements for your itinerary.

    If you’re an Emirates Skywards member, it’s better to log in before you start the chat and our Virtual Assistants can give you personalised help with your bookings.

    We will only use the email address you provide during the chat session to send you a copy of your conversation. Any booking information you provide is confidential and data protected.