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Connecting flights in Dubai

It’s easy to connect to another Emirates flight in Dubai. All our flights arrive and depart from Emirates Terminal 3 at Dubai International. When you arrive, simply follow the signs to Connections and make your way to the gate for your next Emirates flight. We’ll tag your bags right through to your final destination so you won’t need to collect them and check them in again.

If your connecting flight is with another airline, you may arrive and depart from different terminals. Find out how to travel between Terminals 1, 2 and 3 in Dubai, and what you need to do with your bags.

What happens to my bags?

When you change from one flight to another at Dubai International, your bags will either be tagged through to your next flight, or you may need to collect your bags from the carousel and check them in again in your departure terminal.

If you booked your entire journey with us, including your connecting flights with our partner airlines

  • You don’t need to collect your bags when you arrive. Simply go to the Connections desk and take the shuttle bus to your next departure terminal.
  • Check in for your onward flight.

Your bags will be tagged through to your next flight as long as your connection is within 24 hours.

If you did not book all your connecting flights with us

  • You need to clear Immigration, collect your bags from the carousel and go through Customs.
  • Exit the terminal and take a taxi or bus to your departure terminal.
  • Check in for your next flight as usual.
  • Or you can take advantage of our baggage transfer service and we’ll take your bags for you.

You may need a visa to exit the airport and transfer to your next terminal. Find out more about transit visas on the Visa and passport page.

There are different rules for flydubai flights. Find out more on our flydubai partner page.

Emirates baggage transfer service

If you booked your flights separately, you can take the hassle out of your connections and book our baggage transfer service.

For an extra fee, we’ll collect your bags for you and take them to your next flight when you’re departing from another terminal.

You can simply hop on the shuttle bus to your next terminal, and we’ll retag your bags and send them to your flight.

How do I book the baggage transfer service?

  • When you arrive in Dubai, go to Connections and take the shuttle bus straight to your next terminal.
  • At your departure terminal, go to the Connections desk to check in for your onward flight and ask for the Emirates baggage transfer service.
  • Make the payment at the departure terminal. We’ll make sure your bags are retagged and sent from your arrival terminal to your next departure terminal.

Your connection time needs to be at least three hours to give us time to collect your bags and get them to your flight.

How much does the baggage transfer service cost?

It costs USD 90 per person. If you have more than one person in your booking under the same reference number, it’s an additional USD 20 for each other person.

Top tips for easy connections in Dubai

The easiest and most straightforward way to connect through Dubai is to book your entire journey on, including any flights with our partner airlines.

You’ll travel on one ticket all the way, and we’ll tag your bags to your final destination.

It’s easy to book all your flights together. When you search for your flights, choose our Advanced Search option. This lets you add multiple flights to your itinerary, including flights with our partner airlines.

You can travel to and from destinations outside of our network and enjoy simple connections in Dubai.

Have a look at our airline partners and see how you can connect across the world with ease.