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Flights to Israel

Emirates flights to Israel land in the creative business hub of Tel Aviv. It’s the ideal place to start your exploration of Israel’s must-see places, from ancient cities to natural landscapes and incredible cultural attractions.

Spend some time exploring Tel Aviv’s excellent museums, theatres, and modern art galleries, and enjoy soaking up the summer sun on Tel Aviv’s beaches. Amazing restaurants serve the world’s cuisine and you can join the lively nightlife along Tel Aviv’s boulevards.

Beyond Tel Aviv, Israel draws visitors to places of cultural and historical significance. Explore crumbling fortresses like the Roman ruins in Caesarea and the ancient fortress of Masada, and enjoy strolling through old port cities along the Mediterranean coast.

From the Baháʼí Gardens in Haifa, to the expansive Negev Desert and intriguing Red Canyon, you can enjoy lots of outdoor adventures in beautiful landscapes. Many visitors head to the famous Dead Sea and then south to enjoy a stretch of the Red Sea in Eilat, known for its stunning underwater world.

Our destinations in Israel
It’s true that flights to Tel Aviv bring you to a party destination by the sea. But that’s just one aspect of the city’s vibrant personality.

The Emirates Experience

When you fly Emirates, you have more than just your destination to look forward to