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Dubai Desert Conservation

Dubai Desert Conservation

Conserving and returning native species to our desert home

It began with the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR). Working alongside the Dubai Government, Emirates established this reserve to protect critical desert habitat and a variety of endangered species. The DDCR was also the first conservation area officially protected in the UAE, with a constitution and environmental law dedicated to ensuring its status as a nature reserve.

The DDCR takes up a massive 225 square kilometres, or about 5% of Dubai’s total land area, and also includes a leading conservation-based luxury resort. In addition to protecting several endangered large mammal species such as the Arabian oryx, the DDCR is a major contributor to both local scientific research and conservation efforts.

100% of all visitor revenue from the DDCR is spent on conversation and wildlife care, with Emirates also sponsoring a dedicated conservation team of ecologists and wildlife specialists.

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