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Flights to Singapore

Singapore is regularly rated as one of the most liveable countries in the world, with its cosmopolitan city centre, fascinating culture and thriving dining and nightlife scene.

Many travellers come to Singapore to spend – whether to flash their credit cards in one of the many shopping malls or splash their cash in some of the world’s best restaurants. In fact, it’s most likely to be the latter – this is a country obsessed with its next (impeccably cooked) meal. Celebrity chef, author and TV presenter Anthony Bourdain described the culture as “food crazy”, and with good reason. The varied and exotic influences of South Asian, European and Middle Eastern cuisines combine to create one of the best-loved foodie destinations on the planet.

Despite its futuristic skyline, which boasts such gems as the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel, there are plenty of green spaces to escape to dotted throughout the city. The Singapore Botanic Gardens alone comprises 74 hectares of greenery, while the Gardens by the Bay is a veritable playground for visitors of all ages. Places like Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Singapore Zoo allow you the chance to get close to the wildlife that this exotic corner of Southeast Asia is known for.

Fortunately, exploring is easy. Getting around Singapore is very straightforward and, thanks to its thoroughly modern infrastructure, you’ll be travelling around this city like a local in no time.

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Having reinvented itself as a buzzing metropolis, get ready for Singapore’s stunning architecture, natural beauty and countless culinary offerings.

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