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Self check-in kiosks

It’s easy and quick to check in for your flight using our self check-in kiosks. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions on the touchscreen to complete the whole process without having to visit our desks. 

Each kiosk has a baggage belt so you can check in your bags at the same time. You can also use our kiosks to check your itinerary, choose your seat and add your Emirates Skywards number. 

If you’ve already checked in online, you can simply use our kiosks to check in your bags.

  1. Scan your passport 
  2. Check in and print your bag tags 
  3. Place your bags on the belt 
  4. Collect your printed boarding pass 
Timeless Spa in the Emirates Lounge

While you’re waiting to board your flight, enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. Choose a massage or a facial, or feel fresh with a manicure or hair styling. A selection of treatments are complimentary in our First Class Lounge in Dubai, or indulge for a small charge when you fly Business Class.

Treatment menu

  • Face and body

    Give your skin a healthy glow with a nourishing facial and body scrub. Natural ingredients exfoliate and moisturise to leave you feeling fresh.

  • Nail therapy

    Shape and tidy your nails and cuticles with a luxury manicure or pedicure. Add a fresh splash of nail colour, and enjoy a relaxing hand or foot massage.

  • Smart Gates

    If you’re a UAE citizen or resident, you can fly through the airport Smart Gates at immigration on departure using just your UAE ID. 

    The Smart Gates are linked with the Emirates Identity Authority, so there’s no registration. Simply step into the Smart Gate, scan your ID, wait for a quick photo and speed through immigration every time you travel in and out of Dubai.

    If you forget your ID, no problem. Use the Smart Gates to scan your passport, snap a quick photo, and you’ll be on your way in no time.