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Flights to Kuwait

Oil-rich Kuwait sits on the tip of the Arabian Gulf. The country experienced a ‘Golden Era’ between 1946 and 1982, and today flights to Kuwait are popular among travellers seeking a certain kind of Middle Eastern adventure mixed with some five-star experiences. Kuwait’s size makes it manageable for a short holiday, with a culture that revolves around theatre, soap operas, and the popular Al Arabi magazine, which holds sway in much of the Arab world. Kuwait, like many of its regional neighbours, is hot and dry in climate, with powerful Islamic philosophies governing many aspects of life.

If you're travelling to Kuwait, you’ll probably spend most of your time in Kuwait City. The capital and largest city in the country sits on the shores of deep-water harbour, Kuwait Bay, making it the natural centre of the country's trade. In fact, more than 90% of the population lives on the coast of the bay.

Kuwait City is home to most of the country's tourist attractions, including the famous Kuwait Tower rising high into the skyline, the Tareq Rajab Museum and the Mirror House, known for the massive mirror mosaic on the walls. If you're looking to catch a little sunshine, check out Al Kout Beach, while the Kuwaiti Maritime Museum has an amazing collection of ancient and modern vessels. And Al-Boom, a popular restaurant in the hull of a boat, makes the perfect end to a nautical-themed afternoon.

It’s easy to find a base for all that sightseeing, as one of the biggest draws of Kuwait is its fleet of luxury hotels.

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