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Flights to Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa's most populous country – more than 175 million people call it home and its gross domestic product is the highest on the continent as well. It's remarkably diverse too; the Giant of Africa has more than 500 ethnic groups within its borders, each with their own rich history, traditions, and language.

It's also a great travel destination for anyone fascinated by history and anthropology, as it's one of the cradles of human civilisation. There's evidence of ancient populations dating as far back as 9,000 BC, and flights to Nigeria can take you back through humanity's earliest days.

Megacity Lagos is the largest metropolitan area in Africa with well over 20 million residents. The economy of the country revolves around the port city on its south-western tip, but it has also developed its own distinct cultural importance. Lagos has a vibrant music scene and a thriving football culture. If you're looking for some sunshine, check out Bar Beach, Lekki Beach, and Badagry Beach.

Our destinations in Nigeria
Lagos, the second fastest-growing of Africa's cities, surpasses all others for speed, sound and life.

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