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Flights to Denmark

A country with one major city and plenty of stunning countryside, Denmark is an absolute pleasure to experience. From cafes to bicycles, everything is beautifully designed as well as practical, and the country chugs along in an organised, efficient fashion that makes it extremely easy to travel here (plus, the Danes as a rule speak great English).

Wherever your flights to Denmark are taking you, Copenhagen is a must-see. It’s a lovely mixture of the modern and the traditional, all linked together by streets dotted with chic shops, lined with trees and traversed by locals on bicycles. Canals abound, bordered on either side by colourful old merchants’ houses, and the city’s cafes, bars and restaurants are usually full, especially on the long summer nights. In the evenings, head to the enchanting Tivoli Gardens, which has a century-old rollercoaster, open air performances, carnival games and very romantic lighting. It’s been a Copenhagen institution since the mid-19th century.

In the heart of Jutland, which you can visit in a day trip from Copenhagen, is Legoland Billund – a tourist attraction that packs in visitors of all ages. A theme park in miniature, this is a goofily fun and impressive place that is worth visiting even if you think you’re above it. An aquarium filled with little Lego divers and submersibles? Yes, please.

More off-the-radar destinations include Ribe, a small ninth-century town with gorgeous 500-year-old houses, a slow-moving river and an old quarter that’s been preserved in its entirety by the National Trust. If you want to see some of Denmark’s natural beauty, make the journey to magnificent Dueodde, where the rolling sand dunes are backed by pine trees and the only other thing to see is a lighthouse that gazes out to sea. And, as an added bonus, all over Denmark you’ll find castles straight out of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.

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Copenhagen is a small city with a big reputation, which makes it perfect to explore at any pace.

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