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Emirates A380

From Private Suites and Shower Spas in First Class to flat-bed seats in Business Class to extra room and custom lighting in Economy Class, and inflight Wi-Fi throughout the aircraft, the Emirates A380 is as close as it comes to flying in your own private jet. Walk through the Emirates A380 below, and experience the first ever aircraft to appear on Google Street View

[Emirates 100th A three eighty]


Hello from the Emirates A380 hub in Dubai. The A380 is our flagship aircraft, and it offers something for everyone.

We have private suites and shower spas in first class, flatbed seats and an onboard lounge in business class, and extra room in economy class.

There is also free inflight Wi-Fi throughout the aircraft, and over #iceChannelNumber# channels of on-demand entertainment for everyone.

The Emirates A380 flies to over 45 cities across 6 continents, and we look forward to welcoming you on board soon.

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[Emirates 100th A three eighty ]

EMIRATES 100th A380

9 years of Emirates A380. 1 August 2017 marks the 9th anniversary of our first commercial A380 service. 96 A380s in fleet. 48 A380 destinations. 80M passengers flown. 46 A380s on order. 1,500+ A380 pilots. 851 kilometres shortest flight: Dubai - Kuwait. 91,500 round trip flights. 1.25B kilometres flown. 70 airports visited. 23,000+ A380 cabin crew. 14,193 kilometres longest flight: Dubai - Auckland. August 2017.

A new shared experience on board

Socialise in our modern A380 Onboard Lounge

Step into an environment that’s been enhanced for your flying enjoyment. Starting from July 2017, our A380 Onboard Lounges will feature a sleeker design – with a clean ivory palette, and bronze and wood grain accents.

Meet other jet-setters at 40,000 feet in an ambient setting. Experience a more social seating arrangement and more open areas for mingling, and sink into relaxation with calming LED mood lighting while enjoying a cocktail and a selection of nibbles. Catch major live events with fellow travellers on the 55 inch LCD TV screen – with surround sound you’ll feel like you’re there.

You’ll also enjoy unique touches throughout, like contemporary decor and the UAE’s national Ghaf tree embellishing the walls – for a truly unique journey the moment you enter.

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Reawaken your senses in the onboard Shower Spa

Indulge in a refreshing shower at 40,000ft

There’s nothing quite like a rejuvenating shower to leave you feeling inspired. Prepare for your arrival in our A380 Shower Spa, using our selection of Bvlgari toiletries and signature Timeless Spa products.

Once you’ve finished pampering, replenish your energy with one of our detoxifying fresh juices. Just the boost you need to feel ready to take on the day.

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Master the art of me-time

Take time to yourself in your own Private Suite

Slide the privacy doors closed and unwind in your own world. Enjoy a glass of exclusive wine or champagne, or help yourself to your personal mini-bar.

Turn down the ambient lighting, choose your entertainment, and relax in your private cinema.

Convert your seat into a fully flat bed with a mattress and drift into a restful sleep. Your vanity table and mirror help you prepare for the day ahead.

Fly in your own First Class Private Suite on most of our A380 and Boeing 777s.

Arrive inspired

Remix business with pleasure in Business Class

Whether you’re flying to your next meeting or enjoying your latest adventure, travelling in Business Class helps you arrive inspired. You’ll find thoughtful extras in Business Class that mix stimulation and relaxation to help you cultivate your passions in your own way.

Send emails, write the next chapter of your book or upload your latest blog post on board. There’s in-seat power for your laptop and a side table for space to work. Choose a drink from your personal mini-bar and sit back to award-winning entertainment on your personal screen. Recline your seat into a fully flat bed with a comfy mattress and a blanket – or our new soft, charcoal grey duvet which is now available on some flights, and arrive feeling refreshed.

Our flat-bed seats are on all of our A380 aircraft.

Savour the freshest ingredients and beverages

Enjoy award-winning meals created by internationally renowned chefs

With our signature Healthy Options menu, multi-course meals and kid-friendly offerings, we offer a robust variety of dining choices. Our chefs design dishes to reflect cuisine from different regions around the globe and prepare them with locally sourced ingredients. And extras in First Class like High Tea, hors d’oeuvres in the Onboard Lounges and on-demand dining mean you can satisfy all kinds of culinary cravings during your journey.

Stay connected in the air

Keep in touch using Wi-Fi

Our Wi-Fi in the sky service lets you browse social media during your flight, and you can pay to spend more time and do more online. Select A380 and B777 flights also offer mobile phone use and data roaming. For added connectivity, every seat on board the Emirates A380 has a satellite telephone plus on screen email and SMS services.

Learn more about how Emirates keeps you connected in the air

Our ice entertainment system offers the best views on the plane

Movies, TV shows, games, music, news and more, all at your fingertips

Whatever you're in the mood for, choose from up to 3,000 channels of love, laughter and thrills on ice. Enjoy critically acclaimed movies and TV programmes as well as endless music choices, video games and news from around the world. There's always something on, so relax and enjoy.

Learn more about what’s showing on our Inflight Entertainment

[white letters on a red background spell “ice”] iCE has more content than you can wrap your head around. ICE

So, our iCE team has selected this month’s top 5 to help you dive in. ICE TOP 5


Hilariously dark and with stand-out performances by Woody Harrelson and Frances McDormand, this perfectly balanced comedic drama pits a grieving mother against the local police force who fails to find her killer.



You wouldn’t be trying to make me believe in reincarnation or something are you? Because you’re pretty, but you ain’t her.


Locked between Israel and Egypt and isolated from the world, the young people of Gaza hit the waves in an attempt to find meaning and perspective. Both heartbreaking and hopeful, Gaza Surfclub is a must-watch.

[Once, Gaza was one of the best places in the world, and now it’s one of the worst, but this situation won’t last forever] ONCE, GAZA WAS ONE OF THE BEST PLACES IN THE WORLD AND NOW IT’S ONE OF THE WORST, BUT THIS SITUATION WON’T LAST FOREVER. [An athletic man surfs the crest of a wave]


Legendary presenter, David Attenborough returns to the deep in Blue Planet II, gorgeous visuals and a chilling score, tell the most comprehensive story yet of the world below the surf.


A Taxi Driver is the powerful true story of a Korean taxi driver and his journalist fare. Travelling to the besieged city of Gwangju in the midst of one of the most turbulent events in South Korean history, multi-award-winning and a contender for best foreign language film at the Oscars, see it here first.

Once this footage airs, the entire world will be watching.





And years ahead of its time, discover what makes the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds one of the most influential albums in music history. We wouldn’t have Sgt. Pepper without this record.

And that’s just a taste of the mountain of entertainment available onboard. So grab your iCE guide from your seat pocket for more recommendations and a guide to the over 40 languages available. This month on iCE.


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