Managing your trip

On board

Can I connect to the internet on board?

You can enjoy up to 20MB of free Wi-Fi within the first two hours of login.

If you’d like to use our onboard Wi-Fi for longer or you need more data, you can choose one of our data plans. And if you’re an Emirates Skywards member, you can enjoy either free or discounted Wi-Fi throughout your flight.

When you’re on board, search for the Wi-Fi network “OnAir” on your device. Then open your internet browser and follow the instructions on the screen. You can log in using your Emirates Skywards details (either your email address or your Emirates Skywards membership number, and your password).

You can pay securely with all major credit or debit cards.

Your Wi-Fi purchase is valid until your flight ends. Remaining data won’t carry over to subsequent sectors or connecting flights.