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Claridge's, London

25 July 2016

Words: Andrew Nagy / Images: Claridge's

On the corner of Brook Street and Davies Street you’ll find Claridge’s. Not simply an exclusive Mayfair address but a hotel that has accommodated history.

You want glamour? It’s such a royal favourite that it became known as an annexe to Buckingham Palace. You want tragedy? Winston Churchill stayed here the night he lost the 1945 General Election. You want geopolitics? Churchill made Suite 212 Yugoslavian territory for a day, just so Crown Prince Alexander II could be born on home soil.

Of course, history is only part of the story. Claridge’s offers some of the finest suites in the city, the recent Linley refurb in particular something of a triumph.

But whether staying or visiting, ordering an Old Fashioned in The Fumoir, or sitting down to dinner in Fera – which replaced Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s – this storied hotel will always do nothing less than impress.