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Emirates offers flights for passengers to 29 cities and resumes transits through its Dubai hub

Last updated: 4 June 2020, 14:27 Dubai (GMT+4)
  • More flights for passengers will be available from 15 June between Dubai and 16 cities: Bahrain, Manchester, Zurich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, New York JFK, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Taipei, Hong Kong, Perth and Brisbane.
  • These will bring Emirates’ offering flights for passengers, as well as its scheduled cargo operations, from Dubai to 29 cities, including existing flights to London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne and Manila (from 11 June).
  • In addition, from 8 June Emirates will offer flights from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad for travellers from Pakistan who wish to connect onwards to other Emirates destinations
  • Travellers flying between Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, can connect safely and efficiently through Dubai.
  • Customers can find more information about Emirates’ flights and current services on 'Our current network and services guide'.
  • Health and safety first: Emirates has implemented a comprehensive set of measures at every step of the customer journey to ensure the safety of its customers and employees on the ground and in the air, including the distribution of complimentary hygiene kits containing masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes to all customers.
  • Travel restrictions remain in place at most destinations: Customers are reminded that travel restrictions remain in place, and travellers will only be accepted on flights if they comply with the eligibility and entry criteria requirements of their destination countries. Residents returning to the UAE can check the latest requirements at:


How to book your ticket?

You can book your ticket on or with your travel agent.

Please note that if a flight is sold out on it will show as not applicable. You can check the weekly calendar at the bottom of the page to select the next available date.


What are the destinations that I can fly to if I am eligible?

To check which flights are currently operating to Dubai, please check our Essential Travel destinations guide which we are updating frequently.


How do I check if I am eligible to travel?

If you are considering booking one of these flights to get back to Dubai, you will need to ensure you have The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) approval here before you book your flight.

If you are considering booking one of these flights out of or via Dubai please check and follow the local government guidance.


Can I change my destination or refund my ticket?

Applicable fare rules; at the time you issue your ticket, will apply.


What is expected from me?

The flights will be operated from the respective international airport in each country. You will need to arrive at check-in 4 hours ahead of departure to avoid any delays. Please bring your own face mask, hand gloves and abide by social distancing rules. You will need to bring the approval letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowing you to return back to the UAE.


What are the items allowed in the cabin?

Cabin baggage will not be accepted on these flights. Items allowed will be limited to laptop, handbag, briefcase or baby items; any other items will have to be checked in.


Can I check in online?

No, online check-in is not available.


Can I select my seats?

It’s still possible to choose your seat on selected flights. However, due to current circumstances and for operational reasons we may need to change your seat before departure or on board. If this happens and you have paid to select your seat, you will be eligible for a refund in line with our terms and conditions.


What products and services will I have on these flights?

We will operate a modified inflight product and service offering on these flights. Onboard Wi-Fi is available for purchase only. Inflight retail as well as magazines and other print reading material will not be available, and while food and beverages will continue to be offered on board, packaging, content and presentation may be modified to reduce contact during meal service and the risk of infection. Emirates Lounges and Chauffeur-drive services are temporarily unavailable during this period.


Emirates COVID 19 waiver policy important information


What are the different reasons your ticket/ booking could be affected (for tickets issued on or before 30 June 2020 with at least one coupon where the scheduled Emirates departure is on or before 30 November 2020)?

  • Flight Cancellation: Emirates flight is cancelled for a specific date or route is suspended for a continuous period of time
  • Travel ban: Where there is an explicit government notification that prohibits travel from either point of journey origin or destination
  • Travel advisory: A general government advisory against non-essential travel but no travel ban
  • Visa process change / Quarantine: Visa process which required visiting an embassy/consulate OR mandatory quarantine at origin or destination
  • Passenger is unable to reach airport: Countries which have a government lockdown and passengers are unable to reach airport


Can I request a full refund or travel voucher even if my flight hasn’t been cancelled?

Yes, you can request a refund or travel voucher if your flight hasn’t been cancelled. However, if your request is not related to the current COVID-19 situation, the refund or voucher amount will be processed according to the fare rules available on your ticket.

A change fee and/or a difference in fare may also apply if you choose to change the date or destination of your booking.


What can I do if I have a ticket for a destination that currently has travel restrictions but I’m not sure if this will still be in effect on my date of travel?

You have several options available to you if your flight has not yet been cancelled. You can keep your booking and look out for updates on the situation at your destination. You can also reschedule or cancel your booking.

However, please note that if your situation doesn’t fall under the requirements of our relaxed policies due to the COVID-19 situation, a change fee and/or fare difference may apply if you decide to change or cancel your trip.

Check out our Keep your ticket page to learn more about all the options available to you.


What can I do if my situation is not covered under your relaxed polices due to COVID-19 but I want to cancel my trip anyway?

You can still reschedule or cancel your flight. However, please note that a change fee and/or fare difference may apply. And if you choose to request a refund for this booking, the amount will be processed according to the fare rules of your ticket.


Flight suspension

We don't have any updates at the moment.

Be aware of COVID-19 related phishing email and scams

Last updated: 27 May 2020, 16:45 Dubai (GMT+4)

We’ve been alerted to recent email phishing attacks that contain the subject “Your flight is cancelled: collect your refund”. These are not emails sent from Emirates.

Please be careful to protect your personal information and don’t respond or click on links in such emails. The easiest way to detect a fake email is to look at the email address it was sent from. All official emails from Emirates are sent from one of these two email addresses: or

New baggage rules – baggage screening and smart bags

Last updated: 23 January 2018, 10:14 Dubai (GMT+4)

Updates to checked baggage screening

For your safety, the General Department of Airport Security is required to inspect all checked baggage. Therefore, during the screening process some bags may be opened for further inspection. 

To avoid missing your flight and baggage delays, Dubai International airport, the Dubai Airport Police and Emirates have agreed to a new bag check process in which customers no longer need to be present for the open-bag inspection. Instead, the Dubai Airport Police in the presence of an Emirates representative will open and inspect the bags.

In the case where these inspections are required, your bag(s) will be opened and the contents searched for prohibited items only. Any items found that are prohibited in checked baggage due to safety and security concerns will be confiscated. Please visit our Dangerous Goods page for a full list of prohibited items. 

Upon completion of the inspection process, the contents will be returned to your bag and you will receive a letter from Dubai International airport explaining the reason the bag was opened. In some situations, customers may be requested in person for the bag inspection. For more information, please visit the Dubai International airport website. 

Smart baggage restrictions

In line with IATA regulations, there will be restrictions on smart bags as checked-in or carry-on baggage on all Emirates flights as follows:

For cabin baggage:

  • Smart bags are allowed in the cabin if the battery is removable and within the cabin baggage size and weight limits.
  • The battery can remain installed as long as the smart bag is completely powered off.
  • If the battery is not removable, the smart bag can’t be carried on an Emirates flight.

For checked baggage:

  • Smart bags are allowed in checked baggage if the battery is removed and carried in the cabin.
  • If the smart bag exceeds the cabin baggage size/weight limitations for the route, or the battery is not removable, then the smart bag can’t be carried on an Emirates flight.

Important travel information - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Last updated: 31 May 2017, 08:58 Dubai (GMT+4)

Important message for all travellers departing from Amsterdam: We ask you to be present at Schiphol Airport 3 hours before departure of your Emirates flight. This is due to the limited capacity and security queues at Schiphol Airport. The Emirates check-in and baggage drop-off counters are located in Terminal 3, row 29.