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Have a taste of the cherry blossom season on board

We’re paying homage to the beloved sakura with special desserts in Business Class and First Class, offering you a taste of spring in Japan.

Much ado about the mochi

Some say watching how mochi is made is more exciting than eating it, but it’s a definite must-try if you’re visiting Japan. This treat is known for its ‘glorious’ bounce, the result of hours of pounding glutinous rice into a smooth paste. Practically every district in Japan has its own version of this ‘food for the gods’, but the one you will find almost everywhere is Kansai’s domyoji, which looks like a small round bun.

If you’re flying with us to Japan this season, you’ll have a chance to bite into our trio of classic, sakura and matcha mochi served with yuzu caviar and green tea anglaise in Business Class and First Class.

Go cherry blossom viewing like a pro

Hanami, literally ‘flower viewing’, is a tradition welcoming spring that dates back hundreds of years in Japan. In Tokyo, the most popular destinations for hanami are the Shinjuku Gardens and Ueno Park.

You’ll need a few basics: a blanket to sit on, snacks and some company. The rest is up to you. It can be as elaborate as a corporate outing, complete with catered food and drinks. Or as simple as family and friends sharing a bento box of seasonal treats under a sakura tree and admiring the blossoms.

However you want to hanami, it’s an annual reminder that it’s okay to take time to stop and smell the flowers.

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