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Group Travel

Planning a trip for ten people or more is often challenging, but the Emirates Group Travel Service can help simplify the process. Whether your group is travelling for pleasure, for an overseas conference, for Haj or Umrah, or for any other occasion, we’ll make sure you enjoy the trip from the moment you arrive at the airport.

At the airport

Where available, we can take extra care of your group with:

  • Pre-arranged, advance check-in
  • Exclusive check-in desks just for your group
  • Group label luggage tags, for easy identification on arrival
  • We can also arrange visas to the United Arab Emirates if members of your group require them.

On board

During your flight, your group can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Sitting together as a group
  • Personalised menus and headrests with your organisation’s logo
  • Onboard welcome announcements for your group
  • Cabin crew who speak your group's language
  • Pre-paid celebratory beverages and chocolates on most routes
  • Meals to meet special religious or dietary requirements.

And we’ll be happy to take a photograph of your whole group as a memento of your trip.

For more information on this and other offers from Emirates, please contact your local travel agent or an Emirates office. See our local offices

Booking requirements

Please contact your travel agent or local Emirates office to make arrangements in advance for the special services described above.

  • A group travelling together on the same itinerary, flight and date must consist of 10 or more passengers.  
  • Individual meal requirements must be conveyed to Emirates at least 24 hours prior to departure and preferably at the time of booking.  
  • Group seating requires at least seven working days notice prior to departure.  
  • Personalised menus and headrest covers require at least 15 working days notice prior to departure.  
  • Special-language cabin crew requires 30 days advance notice.
Please note that the Group Travel Service may not be available via all Emirates offices or at all airports. For more information, please contact your local Emirates office. Terms and conditions apply according to the size of the group, aircraft type and flight origin/destination.