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Emirates Skywards

My Family

Reach rewards together, faster

Combine your Miles

Pool all the Skywards Miles you earn on flights and our partners into one account and enjoy your rewards faster, together.

Enjoy faster bookings

Add your family’s details and save time when you book.

Spend more time together

Spend the Miles in your My Family account on flights and upgrades for you and your family.

How to join

Sharing moments is always more rewarding. Join My Family to combine your Skywards Miles and enjoy rewards together, faster.



Give your My Family account a name and choose the percentage of Miles you’d like to contribute.


Add members

Invite up to seven additional members of your family to join, including children


Combine Skywards Miles

Choose to pool in all or none of the Miles you earn into your My Family account. Any Miles you don’t contribute will stay in your own account.

Your Children

You'll find all Skysurfers members linked to your personal account here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions on My Family, visit the Emirates Skywards FAQs' page​​​​​​​.