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Culinary Boutique, Dubai

20 February 2016

To stand out in the crowd among Dubai’s rapidly growing foodie set, you need to offer something a little different. At Culinary Boutique you don’t just eat, you learn how to cook it all too.

At times it seems as if there’s at least one food venture per resident in Dubai, such is the burgeoning growth in the local food scene and community. Catering to this increasing number of Dubai gourmands and visitors is Jumeirah’s newest food destination: Culinary Boutique.

Combining a café, cooking school, event space and bakery, the unique Dubai concept, founded by Emirati entrepreneur, Hessa Al Qassim, aims to cater to those who are passionate about food. With a fresh, expansive menu and emphasis placed on not only enjoying the food, but learning how to make it, Culi-nary Boutique is fast-establishing itself as a local hotspot. We spoke to Hessa Al Qassim about the concept: 

This is a new venture in Dubai. It brings a cooking school, a gourmet restau-rant and an events venue all in one place. Culinary Boutique is the place to cook, taste and be.

Our menu flavours are inspired by the Mediterranean with high quality fresh ingredients. Our recipes are all made at here, onsite, and include mushroom truffles, quail eggs and lobster tails. Favourites so far would be our homemade French toast, the burrata and beetroot salad, the wagyu burger sliders, and our famous lavender cake and cappuccino.

This whole thing came from the love I have for cooking and exceptional food. I wanted to share it with everyone, as well as create an unforgettable ex-perience in the city.

You can try cooking classes from all over the world. Just book them online – they’re suitable for all skill levels. We have more than 100 to choose from will even have occasional collaborations with international chefs, who will host their menus and dishes with us.

The architecture and interior is entirely bespoke. I aimed to have the overall design merge with the themes of our dishes…our aim is for the food to take on another dimension, presented like a piece of art.

Foodies coming to Dubai should visit old authentic areas in Dubai like Al Bastakiya, now called Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, to experience the food culture and really get in touch with the UAE’s history.


Words / Images: Sandra Tinari