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Flights to Poland unlock some truly fascinating cities and cultural attractions, plus a surprisingly diverse countryside waiting to be explored.

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Most first-time visitors begin their travels in mesmerising Kraków, which was one of the only Polish cities to come out relatively unscathed from the bombings of the Second World War. Today, it’s among the country’s biggest draws, a marvellous city that deserves its spot in the Unesco World Heritage Site list. Kraków is home to Europe’s largest medieval square, and is a wonderful place to explore on foot – every twist and turn reveals another building that seems to have been plucked from the pages of a history book.

Another visually stunning city in Poland is Gdańsk, which boasts some very impressive architecture. Its unique buildings reflect its position as an important port that, historically, was caught up in the battles of warring empires, and its location makes a good jumping-off point for exploring other parts of the Baltic Coast.

Not quite as picturesque but still definitely worth visiting is the capital city of Warsaw. What Warsaw lacks in looks, it makes up for with its energetic, friendly locals, live music venues and plethora of fascinating museums. It’s easy to immerse yourself in the nightlife, and the dining scene is fun to investigate too.

One of the biggest draws of Poland, once you head out of the cities, is the natural landscape. In rural Poland, you’ll find acres of postcard-worthy green spaces dotted with ancient churches and charming farms. If you like to hike you should head south. There, the terrain rises to meet the Slovakian border, making for some lovely walking and hiking paths, plus great biking trails too.

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Enjoying what many are describing a culinary revolution, Warsaw has embraced modernity and is becoming one of Europe’s most sought-after destinations. Visit to explore a hotbed of culture, craft, cuisine and the arts – all surrounded by lush forests and haunting natural beauty.
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