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Although witness to civil unrest, in recent years Luanda has basked in the glory of foreign investment and has benefitted from the country’s natural resources – namely, its oil reserves and mineral wealth. And the increase in the number of flights to Luanda is testament to that fact.

In fact, today Luanda is largely unrecognisable from the city it once was. It’s had a complete facelift, and the result is something both beautiful and exotic. It’s created a palpable sense of excitement in the city.

Most visitors will agree that Luanda’s best days are still to come, with much-needed funds going into construction and building restoration projects. Yet for all that, the history of Luanda is what gives it its character today. It’s almost 500 years since the city was first populated by the Portuguese, and apart from a brief era of Dutch rule, they ran the city until 1975.

Known back then as São Paulo da Assunção de Loanda, these influences are still visible today in the city’s foods, forts, museums and culture.

Luanda boasts beautiful natural beaches. And now a growing marina and even a beach club scene – Tamariz Beach Club is one of the most popular – have made this a popular spot for sun-seekers from beyond the borders.

Visit Fortaleza de São Miguel

In recent years, Luanda’s skyline has been transformed thanks to all the new skyscrapers. Yet it’s the ancient Fortaleza de São Miguel (Fortress of São Miguel) that carries the real significance. This 16th century fort, which is perched on a hill at the centre of the Luanda Bay basin, played an important role in the slave trade. Today it is home to the Museum of the Armed Forces.

Calçada de São Miguel
Luanda Bay
+244 222 373 623

Explore Shipwreck Beach

One of the most curious sites on this side of Africa is called Shipwreck Beach (Praia do Sarico), or even Karl Marx Beach after one of its most famous wrecks. The mysterious stretch of sand is home to around 20 rusting ships, tankers and fishing vessels. This boat graveyard is 90 minutes north of the city, and as an experience you’ll struggle to find anything as surreal.

Praia do Sarico
Off Estradas de Cacuaco

Hop on a boat to Mussulo

If you’re keen to escape the bustle of the city, Luanda offers the perfect getaway. Under an hour from the city centre you can find yourself on Mussulo, a large peninsula – accessed by boat to give the feel of an island – running parallel with the Estrada Nacional 100. It’s beautiful beaches and hut-style restaurants offer a relaxing atmosphere and you can start your exploration at SSULO Club Resort Hotel.

SSULO Club Resort Hotel
Praia de Mussulo
+244 939 391 454

Take a stroll down the Marginal Promenade

The Marginal Promenade is a curved road, lined with palm trees, which hugs the beautiful golden coast and provides stunning views of the sea. Begin at any end and explore the 10km of uninterrupted bay. En route, you can visit the Port of Luanda clocktower, along with the famous pink Banco de Angola (National Bank of Angola) or Clube Náutico.

Clube Náutico
4B Rua Murtala Mohammed
Ilha do Cabo
+244 222 309 689

Marvel at the Mausoleum of Agostinho Neto

Your first and last sighting in Luanda will be of a giant structure piercing the sky. Befitting a sci-fi movie, the structure is the Mausoleum of Agostinho Neto – a museum dedicated to Angola’s first president, Dr António Agostinho Neto, who helped Angola gain independence in 1975.

Rua Nova Marginal

Visit Parque Nacional da Kissama

Africa has some of the best game reserves in the world – and Angola has its fair share of wild beauty. Take a day out to visit Parque Nacional da Kissama (also known as Quiçama National Park). Recent conservation efforts have been spectacularly successful and the reserve is now home to elephants, water buffaloes and other majestic animals.

Bengo Province
+244 923 594 382

Cais De Quatro (International)

You can observe the frenetic pace of the city across the bay as you tuck into any one of the 100-plus dishes on the menu. The vast selection might suggest a lack of quality, but from the pizza to the sushi, the food more than delivers.

Av Murtala Mohamed (Casa do Desportista)
Ilha do Cabo
+244 924 570 620

Restaurante Shogun (Japanese)

Expertly prepared teppanyaki, wonderful cooking displays, brilliant sea views, and smells and sounds to rival any restaurant make Shogun one of the best places to eat in the city. The beachfront venue is a major plus, but you’ll find your eyes drawn to the live cooking displays.

Ilha do Cabo
+244 931 756 580

Switch Supper Club (International)

This is one of the newest and most fashionable restaurants in the city, and the queue for a table highlights that. Be sure to book ahead and enjoy a night out with dinner and dancing – the inspiration is drawn from a traditional supper club.

Epic Sana Luanda Hotel
Piso -3
Rua Rainha Ginga
+244 222 642 620

Luanda Chic (Modern Angolan)

If you’re seeking gourmet Angolan food, look no further. Located in the newly constructed Atlantic Business Centre, Luanda Chic is a classy and energetic establishment that has really changed the landscape of the dining scene in the city. The menu is ambitious, but never falters.

Atlantic Business Centre
+244 947 576 708

Chill Out (European fusion)

Placed perfectly along a spit of land opposite the city this spot offers a rare chance to eat with the sound of waves gently lapping. Seafood plays a big part on the menu, but it’s really the setting that makes this restaurant stand out.

Rua Murtala Mohamed
Ilha do Cabo
+244 924 282 810

Nikki’s House (International)

If the unique set-up at Nikki’s House doesn’t impress you, the food certainly will. Consistently rated one of the best restaurants in Luanda, Nikki’s is nestled in a quaint house. The decor here is terrific, with each room arranged differently – some have couches, others family portraits on the walls. For the warmer evenings, there’s a terrific patio out the back.

32 Rua Dr José Pereira do Nascimento
+244 923 403 404

Hotel Chez Wou

Chez Wou gives an Oriental vibe, and inside guests are in for a treat. Not only does the hotel offer splendid views of the bay, each room is unique in its own way. Hot tubs, balconies and private services means it is more than just a place to use as a base; you’ll want to spend a while here.

Ilha do Cabo
+224 934 556 590

Hotel Baia

You’re sure to be charmed on arrival at Baia. Deep reds and dark wood fill the lobby, along with some interesting art. The outdoor pool provides a luxurious feel, hidden from the streets below. After all that, enjoy the well-equipped gym or relax at the spa.

Avenida Dr Agostinho Neto
+244 222 370 011

Hotel Presidente

Desirably located right along the bay of Luanda, within sight of all the best tourist attractions and restaurants, Hotel Presidente has all the hallmarks of colonial Angolan hospitality. Its traditional design is fused nicely with a modern twist.

Largo 4 de Fevereiro
+244 222 311 717

Hotel Tropico

Tropico offers guests a free breakfast buffet each morning consisting of a wide range of international delights. It has a chic, sharp and modern design, and provides a much-needed respite from the busy streets. Tropico also offers an outdoor swimming pool.

Rua da Missão 103
+244 222 370 070

Rouxinol Luxury Guesthouse

This boutique hotel is well priced in a fairly expensive area, and maintains a degree of personality not often shared by its larger chain rivals. It offers rooms furnished in whites and blacks, with lovely views from the windows. A cool touch is the hotel’s gothic welcome gate.

Beco de Moçambique
Cruzeiro 16
+244 923 745 078

Epic Sana

Epic Sana is home to the brilliant Switch Supper Club, but it boasts more than just a swanky restaurant. With an excellent view of downtown Luanda, it’s perfect for business travellers and tourists alike. It is a strolling distance from the coastline, and you can also enjoy the superb in-house spa.

Rua da Missão
+244 222 642 600

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