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Travel to Delhi


The Leela, New Delhi

24 April 2016

Words: Kaye Martindale / Images: The Leela

New Delhi’s Leela Palace Hotel is located in the city’s calm and uncluttered diplomatic enclave in historic South Delhi. British colonial architect Edwin Lutyens designed and planned the surrounding area as the seat of government for the British, and was renowned for embracing traditional Indian architecture. Taking its cue from Lutyens, The Leela Palace offers a confluence of Mughal, Hindu and British styles. Despite capturing the charms and opulence of Old Delhi at its grandest, the hotel was recently constructed in 2011 and is the most expensive hotel ever built in India. It’s reflected in the impressive marble structure, huge chandeliers and impressive art collection.

Ultimately, the goal of The Leela Palace is to give guests the experience of living in the luxurious manner of a modern-day maharaja, and it’s an experience that it pulls off with aplomb. The hotel is popular with tourists and business people alike, all bonded by the desire to enjoy a taste of India’s palatial past.