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Notice according to the Israel Consumer Protection Law

According to Israeli Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, any ticket sales that take place in Israel (in a "long-distance sales transaction" according to the definitions of these terms as set out in the Israeli Consumer Protection Law) may be canceled within fourteen (14) days of the transaction date, but no less than seven (7) business days before the departure date of the first flight on your itinerary. 

The cancellation fee is equal to 5% of your ticket’s price or NIS 100, whichever is lower. 

Subject to the provisions of the Law, if you purchased tickets in Israel in a "long-distance sales transaction" and you are a “disabled person”, “senior citizen” or “new immigrant”, as defined by the Israeli Consumer Protection Law, you may cancel your reservation either up to four (4) months after your date of purchase or after you receive documents containing the details noted in article 14C(b) to the Law, whichever is later, and at least seven (7) business days before your departure date. 

The cancellation fee is equal to 5% of your ticket’s price or NIS 100, whichever is lower. 

This will apply solely on transactions which included a conversation between the dealer and the consumer (including a conversation by means of electronic communication). Kindly note that the Company is entitled to demand verifying the status by checking the relevant certificate. 

In case you choose to execute the cancellation right due to a service deficiency, non-conformance, failure to provide the service at the scheduled date or due to any other breach of the contract – you are entitled to receive a full refund within 14 days from the cancellation notice. A transaction carried out on the Company's website can be cancelled through each of the following methods and in accordance with the details specified below:

  • Through the cancellation link on the Emirates' website
  • Orally, through the Company's customer service center, at the telephone number +971 600 555 555
  • Through Customer Affairs link on the Emirates website
  • By email to: Emirates Customer Affairs at the email address:
  • By registered mail at the address: Customer Affairs, Emirates Group Headquarters Building, PO Box 686, Dubai, United Arab Emirates;

The cancellation notice must contain the name of the customer and the identification number.