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Use this form to make a complaint or to give us feedback on any of our products and services.

We can’t respond to requests for help through this form

We’re unable to help with your travel plans and upcoming bookings through this form. If you’re travelling soon and you need help with a booking, please contact us. Please use this form exclusively for providing feedback or submitting a complaint regarding a flight or service you have experienced in the past. Regrettably, our response time is currently longer than usual. We are committed to delivering a response to you within 60 days.

If your Emirates experience was impacted by the severe weather event of 16 April 2024, we encourage you to furnish us with as much detail as possible in your complaint below. This may include, but not limited to, information about mishandled baggage expenses, hotel and meal expenses, or other related purchases. If you have purchase receipts, we invite you to upload those, for our review and consideration. We thank you for your assistance.


If you’re eligible for a refund, please complete and submit our refund form.

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We’d really like to hear what you think of our flights or services. It's helpful to know what you enjoyed and what we can improve.

If it’s about an upcoming flight, please contact us here so we can help you right away.

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Please enter the details below ensuring that the last name matches the one on your ticket. If your ticket number doesn’t start with 176, you will need to submit your complaint to the airline you travelled with.

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