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You need prior approval to carry firearms, weapons and ammunition with you on your trip. Submit your request at least three working days before your scheduled departure and within one month of travel. Please note that our offices are open from Monday to Friday.

Important information:

  • We will review your request and send you a confirmation email once it is approved. Completing this form does not mean you are automatically approved to carry the items on your flight. You should not proceed to the airport if you have not yet received our confirmation.
  • It is mandatory to fill in all the fields in the form unless marked as optional.

Passenger details

Your booking reference number is the six-character code made up of letters and numbers that appears under your name on your ticket.

Flight details
Example: Auckland - Dubai
Flight date

Firearms, weapons and/or ammunition details
Please enter a value in rounds
Please enter a value in kilograms


Please upload copies of the required documents in PNG, JPG, JPEG or PDF format less than 7MB in size. You’ll be notified when each file has been successfully uploaded.

  • 1. Passport details page *
  • 2. Firearm licence (mandatory for all firearms and ammunition only)
  • 3. Invitation letter (for sport or hunting)
  • 4. Any other supporting document(s)