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Round-the-World Offer

Terms and Conditions

Choice of itinerary:

You make up your own itinerary by combining the numerous destinations where Emirates and Air Tahiti Nui fly to, and can stop in whichever destination you want: Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Maldives, Sydney, Auckland, Papeete, Los Angeles, etc.

You can make up to six stopovers (a stopover is a stop between two flights lasting longer than 24 hours – stops under 24 hours are considered as a transit stop and number isn’t limited).

Note: you may not backtrack: you can only pass once through any given point (even you arrive or leave), whether for a stopover or in transit.

Your direction of travel must be eastwards or westwards, depending on the direction of travel you have chosen:

  • For eastbound travels, you will leave from Paris or Nice to Dubai and you will return to Paris via Los Angeles;
  • For westbound travels, you will leave from Paris to Los Angeles, and return to Paris or Nice via Dubai.

You can arrive at a point in the network and leave from another if both points are in the same geographical area, and if the second point is located further eastwards than the first (if you’ve chosen an eastbound travel, or westwards in the other case).

Please note there are no Emirates flights between Perth and Sydney; you can take a Dubai – Perth flight and then continue from Sydney to Auckland or Tahiti. You are then free to go from Perth to Sydney.

Note: You can’t fly on Emirates and Air Tahiti Nui code-share flights with other companies (Emirates flights EK6000-6999 and Air Tahiti Nui flights TN1000-1999, 1400-1499, 2100-2199, 4000-4999).

Ticket validity:

Maximum stay: 12 months (measured from departure from origin to departure from last stopover point).

Reservations and changes:

The first leg of travel must be booked prior to departure. Other ones can be left open, and can be booked up to 24 hours before flight departure, according to the validity of ticket and subject to flight and seats availabilities.   

Re-routing is permitted at a charge of 100 Euros per transaction.

Dates of travel can be changed free of charge up to 24 hours prior to departure. Within 24 hours of the flight departure, changes are permitted at a charge of 100 Euros per transaction.

To make a reservation or change, please contact an Emirates sales office.

Cancellation and refund are permitted at a charge of 100 Euros. Ticket is non refundable after departure or in case of no-show.

Please contact us for other conditions.

Information and reservations:

The “Round-the-World” offer cannot be booked on Internet.

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