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Beach holidays

Book a beach holiday in one of our coastal destinations and look forward to long hot days in the sun.

Throw in a towel, flip flops and your swimming costume, and get ready to hit the world’s best beaches. Fly to one of our great beach destinations to unwind and rejuvenate under the swaying palm trees.

With flights to Mauritius, the Maldives, Australia, Thailand and more, book your next beach getaway with us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Experience pure relaxation as the waves crash into shore and the sun sinks below the horizon. Whether you prefer lazing on the beach all day, exploring underwater with the sea turtles or riding the waves, we’ve got the right beach getaway for you.

Flight times vary to our beach destinations – but depending on where you start your journey, you could be soaking up the sun within a few short hours.

Consistently ranked as one of Australia’s most liveable cities, Adelaide’s pristine beaches and laid-back attitude won’t disappoint.
New Zealand
A paradise for those who love the great outdoors, Auckland’s unique geography makes it a must-visit for any traveller.
The ultimate island paradise, visit Bali to explore pristine beaches surrounded by glittering seas, and dazzling paddy terraces interspersed with jungle.
Can’t choose between a beach holiday and a city break? Hop on a flight to Barcelona and you’ll get both.
‘Booming Brisbane’, as it’s often called, is one of Australia’s hippest destinations, thanks to its thriving cafe culture, arts and nightlife scenes.
South Africa
From awe-inspiring beaches to five-star hotels, and gourmet cuisines to thrilling adventures, a visit to Cape Town won’t disappoint.
With its hot climate, fascinating culture and tasty cuisine, it should come as no surprise that Chennai is one of India’s most visited cities.
Clark’s 4,500 hectares of verdant land are home to a wide range of outdoor activities and intriguing historic sights.
Sri Lanka
There’s a lot to love about Sri Lanka’s capital city, Colombo.
Be surrounded by natural beauty, stunning landscapes, bustling markets and pristine beaches in Tanzania’s ‘House of Peace’.
United Arab Emirates
In just over 40 years, Dubai has become the face of modernity – where architectural wonders preside over glittering seas and record-breaking malls.
South Africa
Durban has grown rapidly and is now one of Africa’s top destinations, thanks to both its cultural diversity and astonishing natural beauty.
Visit Istanbul to discover an incredibly diverse destination – where age-old sites sit amidst bustling bazars and high-end restaurants.
Whilst Kochi is imbued with historical significance, there’s a modern side too – including one of the finest modern art scenes in India.
Best known for its sunshine and sandy beaches, Larnaca also houses some fascinating historical attractions for those willing to explore.
Visit Portugal’s capital to explore a destination that effortlessly blends fascinating, old-world charm with stunning modernity.
United States
From world-class art museums to flawless independent eateries, and classic Hollywood landmarks to exciting outdoor pursuits, LA has it all.
Visit Luanda to experience regeneration at its best – where the exotic has twinned with the beautiful to stunning effect.
Mahé is a true slice of paradise. Visit to explore verdant mountains, bustling markets and – perhaps most famously – postcard-perfect natural beaches.
Whilst Malé is just a speedboat ride away from many picturesque islands, don’t ignore the opportunity to explore this tiny, modern metropolis.
Fly to Malta to discover a diverse travel destination imbued with both history and beauty.
Is there paradise on Earth? When you land in Mauritius, you’ll realise you might have found it.
Flights to Mexico City take you on an adventure for the senses, with sights, sounds and tastes, both familiar and new.
United States
Flights to Miami bring you to a vibrant coastal city with iconic art deco buildings, stunning beaches, tropical gardens and incredible food.
Nice’s reputation was largely built on its weather, and its long, hot summers and mild winters make it a perfect destination.
The range of things to do in Perth is long, from enjoying one of the city's 19 beaches to sipping a delectable coffee.
Make sure you don’t underestimate Phuket – from a vibrant party scene to unbelievable natural phenomena, this small island has it all.
Chances are, from the moment your flight to Rio de Janeiro touches down, the fun will find you.
It’s true that flights to Tel Aviv bring you to a party destination by the sea. But that’s just one aspect of the city’s vibrant personality.
There’s more to Thiruvananthapuram than meets the eye; this city’s got personality and you’ll want to get to know it.
Tunis is a tranquil yet bustling city that packs a punch – visit to indulge in culture, hammams and astonishing cuisine.