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Last updated: 05 August 2020, 09:59, Dubai (GMT +4)

Before You Fly

We’re offering Chauffeur-drive in nearly all our current destinations. We’ll continue to get back on the road as soon as we can. You can check our Chauffeur-drive service availability here. 

In Dubai, your driver will be wearing a mask and gloves, and you will need to wear a mask when you enter the vehicle. You may also need to wear gloves depending on the regulations in your destination. We can offer these if you don’t have your own, and we also have hand sanitiser in the car.

To keep a safe distance between our driver and passengers, you will need to sit in the back seats and we’re limiting the number of people in each car. 

The car is completely cleaned and disinfected from the start of every driver’s duty. And the interior is sanitised after every trip, including buckles, handles, buttons, switches and blinds. 


When you enter Emirates Terminal 3 in Dubai you’ll need to wear a face mask. You don’t have to wear gloves, but it is recommended. 

Only people who are travelling can enter the airport, unless you have a disability and need assistance to travel. 

You’ll pass through a thermal scanner that looks similar to the metal detectors at airport security. Then we’ll give you a complimentary travel hygiene kit containing gloves, a face mask, antibacterial wipes and a hand sanitiser. 

Our check-in desks have been fitted with protective antimicrobial screens. And we’ve added spacing stickers on the floor to help everyone maintain a safe distance in the queue. 

Emirates Lounge

Our Business Class Lounge on Concourse B at Dubai International airport is now open for First Class, Business Class and eligible Emirates Skywards customers. Our other lounges in Dubai and around the world remain closed for the time being.

Our lounge team will be wearing PPE and you will need to keep your mask on except when eating or drinking.

To maintain social distancing we have one entrance and one exit with spaced floor stickers in the entrance queue areas, and we’ve reduced the number of people able to enter the lounge. Our chairs and tables are spaced further apart and are thoroughly sanitised after each use.

To maintain strict hygiene levels and reduce contact, we’ve temporarily changed the presentation, packaging and options available for our dining and drink service. We’ve closed our buffets and self-service options for now, but you can see our contactless menu and order at your table by scanning a QR code with your phone.

Cleaning teams sanitise the washrooms after each use and frequently sanitise points of contact. We’ve removed the newspapers and magazines for now, and the Timeless Spa, Costa, Moet & Chandon champagne bar, shoe shine service, children’s area, business centre, and Le Clos wine shop will remain closed until further notice.


At the boarding gate, we’ve introduced measures to maintain social distancing in our seating areas, and dots on the floor help everyone to keep a safe distance in the queues approaching the gate.

Our team will be wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) as they welcome you on the flight. We’re boarding the aircraft in smaller groups from the last row to the first, and our boarding gate areas are deep cleaned once everyone is on the flight. 

You will need to keep your mask on at all times in the airport, during boarding and on board.  

On your flight

When you arrive on board, all our cabin crew will be in full personal protective equipment (PPE). You will need to wear your mask at all times throughout the flight, except when eating or drinking. Depending on the regulations in your destination you may also need to wear gloves or other PPE. 

If you’re flying into Dubai, we’ll give you a hygiene kit on board containing a mask, gloves, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes.

It’s our top priority to maintain strict levels of hygiene on board. So we’ve currently modified some of our services. You can check all our current services here.

We’re taking every precaution to mitigate the contact in the cabin, including closing our social areas. We’re following all the guidance from the health and aviation authorities along with our additional safety measures to reduce the risk of infection on board. This includes our modified services, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, and ensuring everyone wears PPE.  

Throughout the flight, the air in our modern aircraft cabins is cleaned with advanced HEPA air filters as powerful as the ones used in hospitals. They remove 99.97% of viruses and eliminate dust, allergens and germs from the cabin air. The air is fully renewed every two to three minutes.

Our lavatories are frequently disinfected. And if the flight is longer than 1 hour 30 minutes, we’re adding an extra member of our cabin crew dedicated to cleaning the lavatories. After every trip, all our aircraft go through an enhanced cleaning and disinfection process.

Connecting in Dubai

If you have a connecting flight in Dubai, you will need to keep your mask on through the airport. You don’t have to wear gloves, but it is recommended. You’ll pass through a thermal scanner before you enter the connections area. 

All our transfer desks have been fitted with protective antimicrobial screens and all the airport teams will be in personal protective equipment (PPE). Stickers on the floor help everyone to keep a safe distance in queues, and we’ve spaced the seats in our waiting areas. We’ll give you a travel hygiene kit at the connections desk if you need one. 

Emirates puts Health & Safety first

Find out how we’re keeping you safe and protected at every step of your journey with us.

Regulations in your destination

Check the specific safety measures in place in your destination so you can prepare for your journey. Find out what the requirements are on board and the health checks you can expect at the airport. 

Check the safety measures in your destination