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Arabian Adventures Meetings, Incentives and Events

Unforgettable cities, breath-taking natural beauty, legendary hospitality – explore the wonders of the Middle East


[Palm fronds in sunshine ]

[An expanse of sand dunes dotted with scrubby green plants]

[Several white SUVs drive across the dunes]

[A group of observers seated outdoors]

[A man twirls a rope like a lasso, a falcon flaps its wings as it glides toward him]

[Woman takes photos with her phone]

[Various members of the group look out over the desert before dispersing]

[People rapidly wheel suitcases through an airport]

[A tour guide shakes hands with a man]

[An ornate sculpture in a lobby]

[A man watches tropical fish in an enormous aquarium]

[Outdoors, a group of tourists]

[A palm tree]

[A woman zooms down a waterslide]

[From above, boats churn through green water adjacent to the city center]

[On the boat, ropes and pulleys move a rudder]

[The Burj Khalifa stretches into the sky]

[A man views the city from an observation deck ]

[From above, the skyscrapers of Dubai ]

[The Burj Al Arab building juts from the water]

[At night, from above, a large party on the beach – pink spotlights]

[Sunset in the desert, tables set with linens and glasses]

[A tent with white curtains]

[From above, mountains, dunes]

[The Sheikh Zayed Mosque – brilliant white domes and minarets, golden spires, botanical marble inlay]

[A falcon eats meat from a gloved hand]

[Pairs of riders astride camels swat at a polo ball ]

[White and red SUVs coast over dunes, speed along a dusty desert road ]

[In the distance, a stadium]

[Cars race around the track]

[An official waves a yellow flag]

[A rollercoaster coasts along a track, upside down]

[The cityscape, obscured by thick, swirling fog]

[In the desert, from above, the setup for a party ]

[A man leads a camel ]

[Workers prepare empty tables, setting up for an event]

[Rippling golden dunes set the backdrop ]

[A view of a stadium as the daylight fades]

[A man lights a tiki torch]

[Looking up at the Burj Khalifa and the Three Finger Salute sculpture]

[Dubai from above, day turns to night]

[Night in the desert]

[Many people are seated for dinner around low tables, waiters mill about]

[In the city, a yacht moves through a canal]

[The Burj Al Arab lights up]

[A woman performs a dance ]

[From above, purple and red spotlights on a crowd]

[Fireworks pierce the dark sky ]

[Spectators take photos and videos with phones]

[In the crowd, a woman hugs a younger girl ]

[A crowd dances to live music]

[A saxophone player leans]

[A DJ smiles]

[Covered in lights, a man spins patterned fabric overhead ]

[Audience member records performing dancer]

[The dancer spins, raises her arms ]

[The fountain in front of the Burj Khalifa sprays into the air]

[White background with gold lettering - Arabian Adventures – Meetings, Incentives & Events]


About Us

There is no such thing as an ordinary event

Based in Dubai and with offices throughout the Middle East and across the globe, Arabian Adventures Meetings Incentives and Events are the region’s leading Destination Management Company, with unmatched local expertise and an international reputation for creativity, flexibility and innovation. Wherever your tailor-made program takes you – Arabian Adventures MIE have the skill, knowledge and relationships to make it a truly authentic and memorable experience.

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[A desert]

[About Us] ABOUT US

[“Hello” in foreign language]


[“Hello” in foreign language]

[Walkway lit by lanterns]

What do I love working with MIE?

I love the range of different events and experiences that we get to offer our clients.

Every day and every client is so different.

It’s never dull, it’s always exciting and that’s really what I enjoy about the industry MIE.

To me, it’s also a great organization being a part of Emirates Group, where there’s a lot of support, training and development.


This is who we are.

We have control in the area.

We are the experts in Dubai, in Abu Dhabi, in Oman.

[City at the foot of mountains]

We have a team of multilingual, very experienced people so I love and enjoy working with them.

We have been a very well-established company in the destination and all our partners really enjoy working with us.

I love working for Arabian Adventures because it’s very dynamic.

It can be challenging, but that’s what I love and that’s the environment

that I thrive in.

I love the diversity and how dynamic and fast-paced the city is.

It’s very exciting.

[White background, gold lettering – Arabian Adventures – meetings, incentives and events]


Our Locations

To show your world, you have to know your world

Strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe and surrounded by crystal clear seas, the UAE is a land of contrasts, a place where tradition blends seamlessly with the ultra modern and the gateway to a thousand different adventures. Let Dubai fascinate you, indulge your inner adventurer in Abu Dhabi, become captivated by one of the oldest civilisations in the world in Oman, anything is possible. Where will your trip take you?


[Let Dubai Fascinate You]


[From above, the skyscrapers of Dubai]

[The Burj Al Arab building juts from the water]

[Pairs of riders play camel polo]

[Through palm trees, the arch of a resort ]

[At night, a boat in an illuminated canal ]

[From above, jettys in blue water]

[Woman dancing]

[A group of observers seated outdoors]

[A man twirls a rope, a falcon glides toward him]

[In Dubai, day fades to night]

[White background with gold lettering - Arabian Adventures -- Meetings, Incentives & Events]


What you can expect

The skills you want, for the event you need

With over 360 friendly and passionate staff, highly trained, multi-lingual guides and in-house trained safari drivers, alongside a fleet of luxury cars, coaches and off-road vehicles, we are perfectly equipped to support any requirement - from intimate, specialised incentives, to the most logistically complex programs imaginable. The Arabian Adventures MIE team will work with you every step of the way, to create a tailor made program that’s as unique as the country itself, with the highest standard of service, delivery and confidentiality throughout.

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What can we create together?

Views you have to see to believe, memories you’ll never forget

With unsurpassed local knowledge and the strongest operational infrastructure in the industry, our specialized team has the proven ability to make things happen. Whether it’s for a group of twelve, or twelve thousand, we can advise, arrange and coordinate every aspect of your event, with the skill, expertise and passion to deliver truly memorable experiences. Whatever your event requires the Arabian Adventures MIE team can provide the perfect solution - whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go.

Every promise fulfilled, every possibility explored, every event exceptional - now and always.

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