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Sheikh Ahmed

Chairman’s message

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum speaks on environmental sustainability for the Emirates Group.

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  • Sustainability in operations

    We are working across our business to minimise waste and maximise efficiency, both in the air and on the ground.
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    Learn about the Emirates Group’s holistic approach to sustainability and eco-efficiency.
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    Read our past reports on environmental performance.
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As one of the world’s largest businesses in the aviation industry, we are committed to making a positive difference in combatting the illegal wildlife trade, and to marshalling our resources in support of this cause. We have zero tolerance on carrying banned species, hunting trophies or any products associated with illegal wildlife activities. 

Our ground handling colleagues are trained in IATA’s Live Animal Regulations and our internal policies on carrying wildlife. Our frontline employees are trained to recognise and report suspicious cargo. We have established a dedicated reporting channel to empower our people and partners to stop illegal trade by flagging confidential information that can protect endangered species. We have rolled out internal campaigns across the organisation to create awareness. We also engage our customers by regularly featuring interviews, wildlife programmes and films on ice, our inflight entertainment system, and articles in Open Skies our inflight magazine. Five of our A380 aircraft feature animals threatened by poaching, helping raise awareness of the issue at airports around the world, and among the millions of passengers we carry each year across our network. 

United for Wildlife

Fighting the illegal wildlife trade

As part of our stand against the illegal wildlife trade, in 2016 we signed the Buckingham Palace Declaration and joined the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce. The campaign, led by the Duke of Cambridge and the Royal Foundation, works with the world’s leading wildlife charities and transport industry experts to shut down the routes exploited by illegal wildlife traffickers and strengthens our defences in transport and customs against trafficking.

WTTC - The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) is leading the industry’s effort to fight the illegal wildlife trade, and we actively engage in their initiatives. The Buenos Aires Declaration is a commitment to reach 1 billion travellers with our message and to work with communities to develop sustainable tourism that provides livelihoods and protects wildlife. WTTC and the World Wildlife Fund are developing guidelines to eliminate illegal wildlife trafficking from our supply chain. 


2015 Became a partner of ROUTES (Reducing Opportunities for Unlawful Transport of Endangered Species) to combat illegal wildlife trafficking. Announced support for United for Wildlife with a wildlife decal on two A380s, and introduced a ban on carrying hunting trophies made from elephant, lion, tiger and rhino. 

2016 Became a founding signatory of the 2016 Buckingham Palace Declaration. A 1:3 scale model of our A380 with the special wildlife decal was installed at London Heathrow Airport. Three more A380s with the wildlife decal took to the skies. 

2018 Signed the Buenos Aires Declaration on Travel and Tourism and Illegal Wildlife Trade.

Emirates is United for Wildlife

We are committed to ensure future generations can enjoy wildlife in the wild.