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Flights to Hungary

Hungary’s unique location – counting Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and the Ukraine among its neighbours – makes for a cultural melting pot that’s fascinating to behold. Add to this Unesco World Heritage Sites such as Buda Castle, gorgeous architecture, a lively nightlife scene and stunning national parks and it’s no surprise that flights to Hungary are in such high demand.

Perhaps Hungary’s most famous travel destination is the capital, Budapest. It’s widely regarded as one of the world’s prettiest cities, and the architecture alone is impressive – with buildings ranging from the Baroque to the Neoclassical. All this is interspersed with shiny new venues in the form of modern hotels, restaurants and lounges.

Then there are the famous ruin pubs. The restaurants and lounges housed in the (renovated) shells of centuries-old derelict buildings which are some of the trendiest places to be seen in. Hungary’s dining scene is also a delight to explore. Indulge your taste buds with hearty traditional stews or fine cuisine in one of the city’s increasing number of Michelin-starred eateries.

Feel free to fuel up on plenty of goulash (a meaty stew), as you’ll be burning it all off with the amount of sightseeing to be done in Hungary. Take the trek up Buda Castle Hill in Budapest for superb views, then visit the medicinal baths in City Park to unwind and soothe those aching muscles.

Outside of the capital, there are many other interesting destinations to explore. In traditional villages such as Hollókő, life continues much the same way as it has for centuries. For sprawling green acres of countryside, visit the Balaton Uplands National Park. And for those who want something more adrenaline-fuelled, head to the Unesco-listed Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst to try your hand at climbing, caving and potholing.

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Traditional attractions, a buzzing nightlife scene and a fascinating history ensure there are plenty of things to do in Budapest.

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