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Fun for kids

Non-stop entertainment for kids
Your little explorer’s exciting holiday begins on board. They can watch their favourites from CBeebies, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, or discover new ones on up to 150 channels in 40 languages dedicated to children’s content. They can also go on a quest or beat their highest scores in up to 100 games – all on our inflight entertainment system, ice.
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Toys for kids

There are special surprises for young explorers on our flights, with take‑home toys and bags. Our latest collection is inspired by travel and the many cultures you get to experience along the way. From soft toys and blankets to cuddle with, to activities, puzzles and games, our kids packs offer hours of entertainment for little travellers to while the hours away.

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Why kids are better kids on board Emirates

Kids will be kids. But they’ll be better kids on board Emirates with our special products and services, helping make the journey as painless as possible.

  • Beating boredom

    Beating the boredom

  • Fighting the hangry

  • Family perks

  • Preventing travel tantrums

  • Rewards for your little Skysurfers

Activities for kids
Keep the kids creative and entertained all year long with puzzles, colouring sheets, recipes, activities and more.
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