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About us

Responsible business

As a global organisation, we are committed to ethical b​usiness practices. We believe long-term, successful business relationships are built on honesty, fairness and the strength of our products and services.

Anti-slavery and human trafficking

Modern slavery, servitude, forced labour and human trafficking are crimes and violations of fundamental human rights. The Emirates Group complies with all of the laws of the countries in which it operates including those relating to anti-human trafficking and anti-slavery. The Emirates Group has a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and is committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all business dealings, relationships and supply chains.

Read Emirates’ statement on modern slavery(Opens a PDF in a new tab)

Read our anti-slavery and human trafficking policy(Opens a PDF in a new tab)

Anti-bribery and corruption

We expect our employees and business partners to conduct themselves in accordance to the high ethical standards and expectations that the company has of them, and to ensure that activities implemented on behalf of Emirates should comply at all times with the applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws in the countries where we do business.

Read our Anti-bribery and corruption policy(Opens a PDF in a new tab)

Antitrust and competition law

Emirates complies with all of the laws of the countries in which it operates, and has established a Global Antitrust/Competition Law Compliance Programme to ensure our employees are aware of relevant antitrust/competition laws and to provide guidance on how to observe them in practice.

Read our Antitrust and competition law compliance policy(Opens a PDF in a new tab)

US sanctions compliance programme

Data protection and cybersecurity

As a global business, we collect, store, manage and transmit a substantial volume of data, including personal information to help us provide services to our customers. It is our responsibility to protect the privacy and maintain security of the data we hold, and we take that obligation seriously. We have established a dedicated Data Privacy team to implement an enterprise-wide strategy and governance, and regularly review our policies and processes to ensure compliance with international and domestic regulatory requirements, and industry best practice.

Read our Privacy policy

Like many large organisations, we face the everyday challenge of evolving cyber threats, where external attackers are continually adopting more sophisticated techniques. Emirates is constantly improving its cyber capabilities to enhance our protection against these attacks and safeguard access to the information we hold. We also invest resources to raise and expand employee awareness of data security risks, whilst emphasizing the need for shared vigilance on cyber issues through simulations and structured training.

Here’s what you can do, if you suspect Emirates has encountered a Cybersecurity issue.

Procurement practices

Our approach towards procurement-supply chain relationships is that the terms should be clear, fair and mutually beneficial. Our procurement process is based on competitive tendering and on the principles of transparency.

Read more about our procurement process(Opens in a new tab).