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The Zetter Townhouse, London

30 October 2016

Words: Danae Mercer / Images: Zetter Group

Take the unmarked doors and exclusive air of a private members’ club, throw in London’s passion for all things hipster, add a dash of Wes Anderson oddness, and there you have it: The Zetter Townhouse, a boutique 24-room hotel that embraces luxury and quirkiness in the same breath.

This intimate property, hidden down a side street in Marylebone, is designed to feel like you’ve stepped into the world of ‘Wicked Uncle Seymour’. A living room with a roaring fireplace, and ‘family’ portraits doubles as the hotel’s lounge while, by night, the area is filled with young professionals ordering nettle cordial and horseradish cocktails. There’s food, too, but drinks are undoubtedly the focus.

Rooms feature vintage radios, antique writing desks, martini shakers and freshly ground coffee (to be made in the provided сafetière, of course). Instead of ‘do not disturb’ signs, you’ll find hats that Uncle Seymour might have worn.

The eccentricity is real, and it’s one that deftly avoids the potential cringe factor, in favour of a rather charming experience.